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Prakis 09-09-02 08:42 PM

36" TV Choices
I am going to purchase a 36" Digital flatscreen by the end of the week. I have some choices to make and I was hoping I could get some input from you. Hopefully someone has experience with one of these tvs:

Toshiba 36HFX72
Sony 36SH500
Sony 36XBR800

The difference in cost for me on these 3 sets is about 300 bucks. I am leaning towards the Toshiba. It has a better warranty and I can get a nice stand and throw in a few dvd's for the price of the XBR.

Now I watch mostly std tv and Directv. I would say about 80% Directv and 20% dvd. I am under the assumption the Toshiba handles this type of viewing better and has a better picture and easier set up.

Any and all comments appreciated. Thanks! :)

Freud 09-10-02 02:56 AM


I recently bought a Toshiba 36AF61...the analog version of the Toshiba digital HDTV 36".

Money was not an issue...and when I did my side by side comparison of the two sets i assumed I was taking the HDTV home. However, I was stunned at how poor standard definition material looked on the digital Toshiba...and how good it looked on the analog set. I messed with the menu settings...made sure everything was equated. The digital set does some funky processing of a SD signal...the results is a screen filled with artifacts. I couldn't get anything to look good on the digital 36".

I'm sure that anamorphic DVD's would shine on the digital set...as would HD material. I have tons of DV tapes and home made DVD's that I need to view with the sharpest, cleanest screen i could find. Thus I went with the analog set.

Prakis 09-10-02 08:17 AM

I wish I could see these sets side by side. None are in stock in town here so I am going to just make the most educated guess I can. Can always return it I guess :)

I use mostly Directv. The only over the air SD signal I would get is the occasional watching of local news. I am assuming this digital signal from Directv would look good on the HDTV version. Or am I sadly mistaken?

Thanks again for the help.

Freud 09-11-02 04:50 PM


I wish I could give you a definitive answer. I find standard definition material...of any kind...tneds to look..at best... mediocre to poor on a HD set. Add Mpeg2 compression to the mix...and it can get downright nasty.

A good, crisp analog flat screen (WEG A or Toshiba) is going to shine with standard definition material.

SO...I can't say what is best for you. If you think you'll be moving to more and more HD material or even anamorphic DVD's...then the digital set may be for you.

I bought the Toshiba analog because of my legacy DV/SVHS/DVD-+RW/R material. My plan is simple...... in 36 months or so..if HDTV has made the entry way into the mainstream...I pick up a 16:9 HDTV to compliment my Toshiba (it will be much cheaper then and I'll have the best of both works).

I was fortunate to have both the digital and analog 36 inches placed side by side with the opportunity to do extensive comparisons.

Prakis 09-12-02 07:51 AM

Thanks again Freud,

I ended up going with the Sony 36FS13. Skipped the HD for now. Spent an entire day comparing HD to Analog on the net. For what I am using the tv for it made the most sense.

I wish more was broadcast in HD though, that will be sweet when it happens :) Thanks again.

Freud 09-14-02 04:39 AM


Good choice! We''ll all be doing HDTV at some point. Just not right now.......

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