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Blade 09-03-02 03:26 PM

Good HT Hardware stores in Las Vegas? (esp. for Projectors)
I need some recommendations. I'm going to be going to Vegas this Novemeber for a one week vacation and I thought it would be a great opportunity to actually see some of these front projection units in action.

I'm interested in the lower end units approx. $2000 to $3000 in cost.

I'm mostly interested in being able to see rainbows, screen door, black levels, colors and the affect of light levels for a given lumens rating with my own eyes. It's hard to tell if these things will be a problem for me without knowing what they heck they're talking about.

If anyone has any suggestions on stores (projectors too, though I'll be checking some of the recent projector threads here as well as reading AVS before going), I'd really appreciate it.


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