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Jango Fett II 08-17-02 12:02 AM

Different Connections between receiver and T.V.?
I'v been wondering about something. I have a DVD player, a PS2, a GameCube, and a vcr that I want to connect to a receiver and then to a t.v. The DVD player will have a component connection, the PS2 an S-Video, the GameCube a RCA, and the VCR an RCA all to the receiver. Then the receiver will have a component connection to the t.v. Will it work with different connections like that since some of my systems go from S-Video and RCA to component?

huzefa 08-17-02 12:50 AM

Haven't fully read the manual on my receiver (it's way too long), but I don't think it can output from a connection that's different from the input.

Jango Fett II 08-17-02 02:03 PM

I was looking at a receiver at BestBuy.com and it said the following:

"4 audio and 4 A/V inputs with S-video (provide connectivity for analog components like VCRs, cassette players and turntables)"

Does this mean that it can connect between things like S-Video to Component and Composite to component? I did a little research and found that some receivers have video format conversion that allows you to plug up composite into the receiver and it converts it to the component format that it is connected to the t.v. Does anyone know any places I could find a receiver like this or do you think the item I listed above would support that? Any help is appreciated.

Jango Fett II 08-18-02 01:41 PM


steve_c_n 08-18-02 05:04 PM

Look at a huge AV dealer like Crutchfield or Amazon, browse through their site and do your own research on this. We won't do your homework for you.

I say this because you are "bumping" your post, so I would assume anyone who would read it does not know the answer.

My opinion on this video conversion in the reciever is: its an over priced feature that will probably lower the quality of the signal, and there is a cheaper solution. That being, buy an S Video and RCA Video cable. Even Monster cables (1m) of those are pretty cheap and easy to find on eBay. Otherwise, stop by Radio Shack and get some cheap ones.

Just my $.02


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