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What's the correct viewing mode on widescreen tv?

Old 07-27-02, 06:44 AM
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What's the correct viewing mode on widescreen tv?

I just bought a Sony 57" widescreen and am a bit confused with the four modes available on the t.v. It has full(normal), full zoom, wide and wide zoom. Which one is the correct one for widescreen dvds? Does it matter what aspect ratio it is or do I need to change the viewing mode also based on the aspect ratio?


Ian B
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Old 07-27-02, 08:52 AM
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Which ever one fills up your screen. If you have your DVD player set to 4:3 Letterbox, then you need to do wide zoom. If it is set up for 16:9, then you need to do wide. I'm just taking a shot in the dark there, but that should be right. Just stay in full and keep cycling through modes until you find the one that fills up the entire screen with the movie and doesn't crop any of the movie out.
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Old 07-27-02, 11:09 AM
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you need to set your dvd player to widescreen tv, if your going progresive input you shouldn't have to change your aspect ratio its locked on my tvs. If you are using a normal dvd player set it to wide.

full should show 4:3 with gray on the side. Full zoom should chop off the top and bottom of the 4:3 picture so it fills the screen. Wide will strech the image horizontally so if your not watching something thats not anmorphic it will make everyone look fat

and i am going to have to guess on wide zoom, I would assume it its the mode that streches the sides of the 4:3 image so it fills the screen but it doens't look as unnaturalas wide. My friends use this mode alot to prevent burn in's when they are watching 4:3 television.
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Old 07-29-02, 05:05 PM
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Thanks for the info guys. I forgot that since my previous hdtv was 4x3 I needed to change the aspect ratio on my Harman Kardon dvd 50 to 16x9. I just did that but, the tv has 4 widescreen modes for 4x3 tv watching. I should not change the view mode in that component input coming from the dvd player, correct?

Ian B
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Old 07-29-02, 05:54 PM
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I just changed the dvd player and told it that I had a 16:9 tv. then I picked the mode that looked best to me on my TV.

I think full zoom on my 51" Sony.

on 4:3 TV viewing I use wide I think.
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