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Malata DVP-520 player opinions/questions

Old 07-18-02, 04:35 PM
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Malata DVP-520 player opinions/questions

I am thinking about getting the Malata DVP-520 progressive-scan DVD player. A friend of mine has it and likes it, but I'd like to get a few more opinions. Where is a good place to find reviews of it, or could any of you who have it post your thoughts?

I didn't see any power button on the remote, and when I power-cycled while playing a DVD the player did not remember where in the DVD it was - it just started over from the beginning. Is there any way to turn it off/on from the remote, and is it supposed to remember where it was in the DVD when you turn it off? Also, do any current universal remotes support it? Also-also, does it play RCE DVD's?
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Old 07-18-02, 04:39 PM
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I do know for a fact that the 520 plays RCE discs. I can't answer your other questions as I have the previous model, the 996 (which I love and which does have an On-Off button on the remote).
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Old 07-18-02, 05:43 PM
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I am also interested in purchasing this player, currently using a PS2 which does not like to play all DVD's. Is this worth the price. Pros....cons?
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Old 07-19-02, 01:37 AM
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i can't remember exactly about the off button, or playing from the same point after turning it off. sorry.
i'm waiting for another breakout cable to come tomorrow, before i hook it up again.
i use a panasonic RP56 as my primary player because the de-interlacing is better, but to be honest- in all other areas, the Malata was much more enjoyable to use.
-yes the remote looks cheap, but its better laid out than the panasonic.
-the machine seems to load, execute commands, etc faster than the panasonic.
-its versatile: all regions, pal-ntsc, interlaced, progressive, etc
-it has BOTH coax and optical connections (the panasonic only has optical)

if you take away the aspect of de-interlacing, the JVC 65GD was my favorite player to use, and i thought it had the best picture quality in its price range, on my equipment.
I don't think the Malata is as good, just my opinion, but not too far behind.
but its versatility as far as all region play and conversion is a MAJOR feature. it makes up for any percieved deficencies i could nit-pick about.

as far as build quality, it seems as decent a player as any in the sub $300 range.

i'd expect most people will be very, very satisfied with it. those who wouldn't be are most likely using HTPC's or $1K+ dvd players anyway.
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I would recommend that people here also look in the International DVD forum for the many threads about the Malata line of players.
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Malata DVP-520 and Macrovision

Dear members,


I, too, am interested in the Malata DVP-520, as most of my favorite films are foreign and other region codes.
That stated, I also desire to get a player that does not have Macrovision interfering with my right to make my own personal copies of various discs onto vhs.
I e-mailed a prominent online seller of the Malata player, who claimed that they could not modify their players this way, and claimed that all players for sale on places such as E-Bay were "hacked" to be Macrovision-free, and thereby might have voided warranties.
Now, I don't want to purchase a player with a voided warranty, but neither do I want one that has been intentionally manufactured to prevent me from making my own personal copies, so I am asking you members of the forum what I should do.
Are there external devices that I could add between the Malata player and my vcr that would enable me to override this annoyance, whilst retaining my warranty?
I want the Malata player, as I have been told that the comparable Sampo players for sale on E-Bay are inferior, but I want one not hindered by Macrovision.
Please advise.
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