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Dogger 03-13-02 03:49 PM

Will heat from TV harm DVDs?
Here's an odd question for some expert.
I'm storing my DVDs on the bookshelf behind my TV. Is this a bad idea? Is there any kind of heat or electronic emmission problem that might harm my collection if they're stored there? There's about 10 or 12 inches between the back of the TV and the bookshelf.
Thanks for any answers here.

roark1138 03-13-02 10:15 PM

Unless your television is on fire, you should be fine.

eedoon 03-14-02 05:56 AM

I don't see any problems.

Rainman15 03-14-02 07:13 AM

Originally posted by roark1138
Unless your television is on fire, you should be fine.

Christo 03-14-02 02:12 PM

Just a thought here, let's see if anyone agrees...

I would think that the plastic window (inlay cover) on the dvd cases would warp and deform at a lower heat than that which would damage the discs. You could use that as an indicator.

reverb 03-15-02 05:18 PM

Will heat from TV harm DVDs?

Dogger 03-15-02 05:22 PM

Okay. Thanks. Just didn't want to destroy a couple of hundred dollars worth of DVDs.

icondude 03-18-02 10:09 AM

The heat given off from your TV is tiny when compared to the heat it will absorbed while being played in your DVD player. Sometimes mine come out warm.

DVD.guy 03-18-02 01:54 PM

I agree <B>icondude</b>. I noticed this specially when playing long movies. It was what I though to be very warm.

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