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mick16 02-27-02 04:05 PM

Extended Warranty on Rear Projection TV???
Can anyone recommend a reputable source to purchase an extended warranty on Rear Projection TV? I just bought a Toshiba 65HX81 locally (at a great price) and they tried to pimp me for a 5 year warranty for $399. The "benefit" of this warranty is that if you make no service calls during the 5 year period you get $200 refunded. I'm hoping to do better than $399 for a 5 year extended warranty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS - If you live near SE Michigan and are interested in picking one up, e-mail me and I'll give you the details.



TheKobra 02-27-02 05:25 PM

Where did you get you TV?

0ne 02-27-02 07:21 PM

I would reccommend it because if you have a single repair, the cost will, 9 times out of 10 be much more than the service plan, not to mention the price for shipping the TV to Toshiba and back. Go read some of the reviews on the set at Audio review, and all other RPTV's for that matter.


Most people have had great experiences with it, but several people have noted it had to be serviced a couple of times to get the picture right.

Having someone come out to your house to do a service like that, while not under a warranty is going to run you about $200. 5 years X200= $1000 if you only had it serviced once a year, did not have any other problems like a bad CRT($300 ish for parts+ god knows for labor)

Not trying to sound like a salesman ( sorry i am one) but in general if something broke a day out of warranty and you could not afford to completely replace it then you should consider buying the warranty.

Make sure the warranty gives in home coverage, protection from power surge, yearly performance checks, all parts and labor for the full period of the plan, is transferable if you plan on selling it or upgrading and is renewable when the 5 year period is over.

Buying one from the store is genrally a much better deal than straight from the manufacturer( toshibas 5 year warranty on a 69.99 VCR is 179.99, their HDTV RPTV plan is about 700 if i remember right)

SteveL 03-03-02 04:12 PM

If I added up all of the $$ IWOULD HAVE spent on extended warranties in my 35 yrs of adult life, but didn't, I could buy many RPTV's.

People get all concerned over extended warranites in TVs, yet drive around in cars worth several times what their TV cost, out of warranty.

The fact that salesdroids spend so much time trying to sell you the extended warranites just tells me that they make MUCH more $$ on them than on the TV itself.

I paid nearly $1000 for a Mitsubishi 27" TV over 15 yrs ago, and endured the sales pitch for the extended warranty without buying it, and have NEVER needed a repair. Ditto for 1000's of dollars worth of appliances, electronics, etc., and have spent a miniscule fraction of what service contracts would have cost on actual repairs.

Having said all of the above, I still agree that service contracts are a form of insurance. If you don't think you can afford the repair, or don't WANT to pay for a repair, then go for a service contract. I have insurance on our house, since I wouldn't want to eat the cost of a new one if it were consumed by fire, and an extended warranty on my Corvette, since transmission and/or engine replacement can cost many 1000's of $$'s. But I personally would rather pay for a POSSIBLE $200 repair on the TV than pay for service contract EVERY year.

Think about it.


djones6746 03-03-02 05:47 PM

My 53" Sony is going strong after 4 years and no extended warranty!!!! Just depends on your mental well being I guess but the way I look at it is......if I buy a Sony.....the item is more than likely going to perform well for you if it has not broken down on you within the limited warranty period. I would rather save the $200.00 plus dollars and take my chances. I never purchase warranties on any of my electronics... :)

TheKobra 03-03-02 07:54 PM

Originally posted by djones6746
My 53" Sony is going strong after 4 years and no extended warranty!!!! :)
Same on my old 53" Sony that my Brother-n-Law now has. It is 6 years old and never looked better. It has also gone through 4 moves to different houses.

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