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The Escapist 02-16-02 05:16 PM

Is my Panasonic player dying?
Weird things: I have a Panasonic DVD-A110 (3 years old, I believe), and today it started glitching like mad. I watched 4 episodes of THE AWFUL TRUTH Vol. 2, and it kept freezing and restarting on the fourth episode. I put in the 2nd disc and it did the same thing. Then I tried THE TERMINATOR SE that I hadn't watched before -- got pixel breakup and then freezing. Put on the new PETER PAN for a few minutes, and that seemed fine. Tried THE GREEN MILE for a few minutes -- fine. FAWLTY TOWERS, which I'd watched before with no problem, and it immediately broke into pixels several times. So -- have I suddenly come across several crappy discs, or is my laser out of alignment or dirty? I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks.

Scarecrow 02-16-02 09:08 PM

The easiest thing would be to try cleaning it. It could be that the optical pickup is starting to go.

vdadlani219 02-17-02 06:08 AM

A nice drop kick might help as well.

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