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NJMB 02-12-02 05:54 AM

Can any DVD Sets play AVI?
While most PC DVD drives can play AVI files burnt onto a DVD+RW disk, does any one know of any DVD Players that will play this?

The reason for this is it would be good to simply copy captured AVI files from a Camcorder to DVD without having to do MPEG2 transcoding (I know that AVI is much bigger than MPEG2 but I'll archive using AVI anyway so it would be good to play these disks directly!)


Jerry 02-12-02 03:18 PM

None that I know of. To play AVIs, a decoder/software would be needed. I don't think that any player has that built-in.

discostu1337 02-12-02 08:29 PM

Theres some Media players for the Sega Dreamcast you can get that play just about everything, even divx now. Im pretty sure they play AVIs. Dunno if this helps.

NJMB 02-14-02 06:21 AM

Microsoft apparantly has stuck a deal with DVD manufactures to include support for "Windows Media" but most seems to focus on Audio over Video hence my interest if anyone has seen or heard of any products supporting the video component ; see links at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/P...VDPlayerPR.asp and http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/P...anasonicPR.asp

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