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How many laserdisc players do you have?

Old 01-31-02, 10:36 PM
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How many laserdisc players do you have?

I have 3. A Sony MDP-700,Pioneer CLD-D606 and a Pioneer CLD-D406.
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Old 01-31-02, 10:37 PM
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2, both Pioneers
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Old 01-31-02, 10:52 PM
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None. I was in college when they were "big" and they were too costly for my blood, and they also seemed kind of transitory to me -- which in the end, they were, and I'm quite happy with my ol' DVD player now...
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Old 01-31-02, 11:06 PM
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Pioneer CLDS201, bought after getting into DVD, to enjoy such films as the original Star Wars trilogy, Blade Runner w/ voiceover, and an $18 Godfather set.
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Old 01-31-02, 11:26 PM
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A Sony MDP-650
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Old 01-31-02, 11:29 PM
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i would like to get one.
Logically, I would think I could get a used one for dirt cheap but I haven't run across one, but then again, i haven't been looking too hard either.
If any one has any ideas, let me know
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Old 02-01-02, 12:05 AM
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As of right now, just 1: a Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/LD combo player.
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Old 02-01-02, 12:30 AM
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I own three but one of them also plays DVDs.
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Old 02-01-02, 12:32 AM
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I have only one.
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Old 02-01-02, 01:36 AM
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The Smithsonian took mine.
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Old 02-01-02, 02:16 AM
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Two Pioneers. The CLD-D406 I bought in 1997 to replace my first player and one I bought from a friend as a backup a couple of years ago.
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Old 02-01-02, 03:53 AM
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pioneer cld-99
pioneer cld-d406
pioneer cld-3090
a chaep sony
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Old 02-01-02, 07:18 AM
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1 i bought last year to watch around 20 movies not on dvd. Its a Marantz
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Old 02-01-02, 08:09 AM
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One - Pioneer
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Old 02-01-02, 08:45 AM
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Four, including a Pioneer DVL-919 combi. I have one other Pioneer, a Panasonic and a Sony.
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Old 02-01-02, 09:31 AM
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My primary is a Pioneer DVL-909.

My old backup is a Magnavox LVD-484 (I think).
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Old 02-01-02, 10:01 AM
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I have 2 PIONEERs. The CLD-D704 and another one with Karoake features, can't remember the model #'s.
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Old 02-01-02, 10:03 AM
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An old Magnavox one
Pio CLD702
Pio CLDA100 (plays Sega Genesis games!)
Pio CLD703
Pio CLD504
Pio DVL700

I've got 600 lasers, so I wanted to make sure I always had a player for them, so I never got rid of the old one when I upgraded.
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Both Pioneers. An older entry-level unit (CLD-985? not sure) and a CLD-501 which I use now that plays both sides automatically (no AC-3, though).

Ted K.
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Just one
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Old 02-01-02, 12:48 PM
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Originally posted by Sierra Disc
None. I was in college when they were "big" and they were too costly for my blood, and they also seemed kind of transitory to me -- which in the end, they were
Transitory? The first players were released in 1978 and the final production run is scheduled for later this year. That's one hell of a transition period. DVD should be so lucky. DVD was introduced in 1997 and already we've got D-VHS threatening to knock some of the wind out of it and HD-DVD looming not far over the horizon.

To answer the original question, I currently own three LD players, all Pioneers.


I just bought the S9 and will probably be letting one of the other two go, but I haven't decided which yet.
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Old 02-01-02, 01:05 PM
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I lucked into a Pioneer CLD-D704 that the previous owner had had completely overhauled using his extended service contract before passing it on to me. Most of the moving parts were replaced so hopefully it'll stay in good shape for awhile.
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Old 02-01-02, 02:31 PM
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I own two. A Pioneer DVL-909 and another Pioneer as as backup. I'm now using the 909 strictly as a laserdisc player since I just picked up a Panasonic RP91 as my new DVD player.
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Old 02-01-02, 10:02 PM
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I was using a Pioneer 570 (euro model) for many years, but just recently found a DVL 91 (for $400) & a 406 (for $100).
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Old 02-01-02, 10:07 PM
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My first laserdisc player was Pioneer's top of the line CLD-3070, which I purchased in 1989. It finally broke down almost 10 years later. I replaced it with a lower end Pioneer CLD-D604. Less then a year later I bought a Panasonic A-310 DVD player. I have never looked back since then. DVD's are far superior to laserdiscs. Though, I keep the LD player hooked up to play movies not available on DVD. One thing with laserdiscs, it was always a audiophile medium. So, the LD's reflected this. Letterbox was generally the rule, sound was superior to tape and on high end discs supplements were included. This has been carried over to DVD. But with the popularity of DVD, I fear DVD's are headed for "LCD", lowest common denominator. With the uninformed masses demanding Pan & Scan over Letterbox, DVD's are dumbing down.
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