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Viscount9 01-27-02 08:25 PM

Toshiba SD2710 or Sony DVP-NS300?

I am a new-comer here. I need some help on which DVD Player to get. I would like something that plays VCDs and has some sort of Simulated/Virtual Surround Sound. I dont have a fancy TV (yet), so I am not too worried about picture quality. I am more worried about the quality of the DVD player. I have heard too many horrow stories of DVD Players going dead after a few months.

So, I have narrowed down my choices to Toshiba SD2710 and Sony DVP-NS300. Which do you think? Which has a longer durability, I dont want to face replacing it soon after buying it.

Thanks A Lot,


namja 01-27-02 08:50 PM

The Toshiba SD2710 has DVD/DVD-R/VCD/CD/CD-R*/CD-RW*/MP3 playback, while the Sony Sony DVP-NS300 doesn't. If this is important to you (if you burn CDs and want to play that in your DVD player), then you should compare the Toshiba SD2710 with the Sony DVP-NS400 (and not the DVP-NS300) which has CD-R and CD-RW playback. The NS-400 is only about $20 more, and you should be able to find it for $190 shipped.

Just wanted to point this out b/c many people use the DVD player also as a CD player in their home stereo set up.

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