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Scot1458 01-25-02 09:16 PM

Onkyo 494...what's the next step?
I've been eyeing the Onkyo 494...however seeing the price I can get it online, I could afford maybe a little more.

What's the next step up...or for the $, should I just stick with the 494?

My spearkers are the Cerwin-Vega 632 system.

edclem 01-25-02 10:16 PM

the next step up is the 595. If you can afford it, I'd pick it up. I have the older model (575-X) and absolutely love it.

nekobus 01-26-02 02:15 AM

As edclem said, the next step up is the 595. The 494 is a heck of a receiver for the price. That said, if you can spare the extra money, the 595 is well worth it. janr.com sells the 595 for $379 and the 494 for $279.

You can check out the differences between the two at http://onkyousa.com/. You can even download and compare the owners manuals. Man I LOVE companies that let us do this. :D

criptik28 01-26-02 06:20 AM

I have the Onkyo 595...and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. It's a great receiver. :up:

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