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innocentfreak 01-24-02 10:10 PM

Please help me on a choosing a new tv.
I am helping my mom set up her new house, and she is looking to get a large tube over projection. She definitely wants to go with a minimum of a 36 inch tube. Yet her frugal side shows through with only wanting to spend around 1300.00. Any suggestions on models to start looking at? She won't need PIP or any of the real advanced features/options.

0ne 01-25-02 02:02 AM

Some suggestions...


Toshiba 50" can be found online for about 1000, great tv, has built in screen protector, component inputs and pretty decent built in speakers if she decides against going w/ a home theater.

Toshiba 36" Flatscreen


Sony 36" Flatscreen


a little smaller but HDTV


Or if you want to get the biggest size possible for that amount of $$$

aardvarkmi 01-25-02 02:05 PM

Mom's TV
I don't know where your mom resides. Sam's Club has a 36" JVC direct view (their model #32260) for $750.00 (with a $50 rebate until January 31st). I'd bet a place like Costco would have a similar deal.

innocentfreak 01-25-02 04:46 PM

Thanks, I am going to check those out. I have heard problems with the Wega series though, have the problems been fixed? I don't remember exactly what they were but, I had heard a lot of people were returning sets.

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