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To RP or not to RP

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To RP or not to RP

Against my better judgement I went to BB yesterday to look at 36" Panasonic TAUs and Sony Wegas because I might be getting a job which would allow me to buy myself a long-deserved present.
However, for the first time I noticed that 43" RP TVs (especially the Sony KP43HT20) are priced close to the smaller tube TVs. This is more information than I want.
Why would I want to not consider a rear projection TV? As a side question what am I giving up if I opt for the less expensive 36" tube models, compared to top-of-line TAUs and Wegas.
Movies are my main concern. I might also get the Malata DVD player as part of my new present to myself. I mention this because of the Progressive Scan capabilities which it offers.
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Take a serious look at the toshiba 43HX71.....it is a pretty sweet tv, and will be less than a comparably sized tube tv....duh

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You can get a big screen HD RPTV for under two grand. My same question a while ago: "why get a smaller tube TV for same price?"

OK, so I went out and bought the 47" 16:9 Panasonic HDTV. Paid under 2 grand. Totally awesome. However...

RPTV is a more complex animal than direct view (aka: tube) TV. They require more involved fiddling and tweaking to keep them at their best, while direct view TV is more plug and play. Onve you get your RPTV to its best, though, it can display more resolution than a direct view TV.

If you're a hands-on person go for the RPTV. Kinda like a BMW versus a Lexus - BMW will out perform, but requires more maintenence.

One last thought: the bigger the screen, the more visible the imperfections in your source. For example, if you're watching analog CATV then the snow on poor-quality stations will be more apparent. If watching DBS or digital cable, then the pixelation will be more obvious. If watching a poor-quality transfer DVD then the noise will be more evident in the picture.

All said and done, the image on my 47" 16:9 HD RPTV is mind-numbingly good on many sources including the plain old analog CATV stations that have a powerful broadcast signal. DVD in progressive scan (480p) usually beats the real thing in the theater. If DVD is important go for 16:9 HD RPTV. If watching MTV, Survivor and the local news is your biggest thing then you might want to go with a smaller 4:3 direct view television such as a Wega.

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