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Old 01-11-02, 01:02 PM   #1
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Anyone Need a Laserdisc Player? This May Help!

I really wanted a back-up LD player (something bad) and just recently hunted down & captured a Pioneer DVL-91 in Truly Pristine condition for $400, and as an on-the-side Bonus, a Basic CLD-406, that was also Very Clean for $100!

I even found a CLD-97 for $300, and now it's only a matter of time before I pick that one up!

What I did was go to the Pioneer website and began a search of Pioneer Authorized Service Centers in my area, and then (painstakingly) called each-one asking if they had any Used Pioneer LD players for sale (realizing that sometimes customers just abandon their players because they later decide they don't wanna pay the repair bill), and after a handful of calls and call-backs with no luck, Surprise, Surprise! A Service Tech had "4" of them For Sale!

He wanted $450 for the 91 & $200 for the 406 but I pulled a little Wheelin' & Dealin' and got 'em both for $500!

I picked them up at the Service Center and at least got to actually SEE the units before I bought them, (Call me paranoid, but Shipping Laserdisk Players gets me kinda nervous) and got a (Most Important) reciept, which we both signed, that included the model numbers, serial numbers, condition, accessories (such as remotes, manuals, cables, etc.), and stated that they both came with a 30 day money back guarantee plus an additional 30 days free labor.

What better place to buy a Used Pioneer Laserdisk Player than from a Pioneer Authorized Service Center in your own area?!?!

I mean, these units are already repaired, and just sitting on shelves collecting dust!

Well, I hope this helps anyone who's out there trying to find a decent Used Pioneer LD player. Good Luck, Best Wishes, & NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP...until you find what you want!

Paul (AKA: That Edit King Gentleman Fellow)

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Old 01-11-02, 02:48 PM   #2
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What a great idea!

What a great idea! I've already started to call some places in my area because I actually have a local store that stocks and sells laserdiscs.
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Old 04-14-02, 07:18 PM   #3
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Anyone know of a good way to clean players?

I just set mine back up after a solid 8 months or so of non-use, only to find it crackling and some skipping.

Help. This is already a replacement player and I don't want to have to buy a third.

I'm no f'n Buddhist, but this is enlightenment.
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