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Old 11-25-01, 01:06 PM   #1
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KLH DVD Player - Need info

I need some information desperately and would appreciate any I could get. I bought my sister a KLH dvd player last Christmas and she's just getting around to hooking it up now (didn't have the right television for it before). However, it does not work, it keeps spinning the disc in the machine and saying "reading disc" but nothing is coming up. I went to Best Buy where I bought it and they were totally useless particularly because she threw the box out and because they don't sell KLH anymore. Does anyone know if this company is honorable and what if any information I can get that would help me? Thanks.
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Old 11-25-01, 01:20 PM   #2
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KLH is a speaker company.

I'm guessing they are just slapping thier name on a DVD player made by some noname Chineese or South Korean company.

Are you sure the player is properly hooked up, try using a different disc and see if that makes a difference.

Very few electronic items have warranties that are good for over a year, it dosent matter that the item was not used in that time period.

Their web site has contact information for out of warranty service

Oh yea I'm not affiliated with any corporation I mentioned here

Dave Phipps

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Old 11-25-01, 04:33 PM   #3
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It may be the disc.

Try playing a few regular cds which are the easiest thing for a player to recognize.

If it would play regular cd's it is probably busted
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