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Best Speakers for a Sony STR DE 945???

Old 11-17-01, 01:50 PM
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Best Speakers for a Sony STR DE 945???

Just picked up the Sony STR DE 945 receiver, as I got a pretty good deal. Now I am looking for some speakers to hook it up to (obviously). I dont know if I really need a complete 5.1 system yet, as until I move this July, this se-up will be in my bedroom. I want to start with a decent center speaker and 2 fronts. I am not really interested in any obscure brands, as I want something I could probably find on eBAy (where I got a good deal on the Sony 945). I would like to perhaps stick with Sony, to match up with my receiver + 32" Wega. I dont have an exact price range (~300-400 for the 3 speakers). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Well, it depends on what size of a speaker you want also. For the center, it's pretty obvious what size it's going to be as most centers are the same, but for the fronts, you can go with some really great bookshelf speakers, or you can get some floorstanding speakers with some 8", 10", or 12" enclosures. Since you're going to be using this in your bedroom, it would probably be wise to just get some great bookshelf speakers as they don't take up much room but put out a hell of a punch for their size. I know I sound like a broken record on this forum, but the PSB Alpha's are great speakers.

You can get the A/V's for $169 here

Then you can pick up an Alpha Center for $129 here

I have these speakers along with some Alpha B's in the rear in my setup, and it blows me out of the living room, all at 55w per channel with the Onkyo 484. They may be small, but the pack a punch. Then you can pick up a sub later, even though you'd be surprised the bass these things can kick out.
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with the exception of the WM-40 (i think that's it) subwoofer, do not even consider Sony speakers. IMHO, they really suck.

Brands to look for: PSB Alpha, Paradigm, Energy, or if you can extend your budget, the B&W 602 Series 2 and CC-6.
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