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Your thoughts on AIWA?

Old 11-07-01, 03:26 PM
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Your thoughts on AIWA?

Not exactly home theatre, but this was the closest I could find.

I'm looking to get a micro-stereo system in the bedroom, and don't want to spend too much on it. It's primary purpose will be to turn on in the morning as an alarm. Right now I am leaning towards an AIWA XR-M200 for $150 at Sam's Club. Does anyone have any thoughts on the AIWA brand, either good or bad?
Even a or would suffice.
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Old 11-07-01, 03:41 PM
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For micro systems, I'd take JVC (and many other brands) over Aiwa.

Aiwa wins on price, but loses on sound and build quality, in my experience.
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Old 11-07-01, 04:46 PM
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Aiwa's are specifically designed to the needs of 13 year old suburban males. 'Nuff said.
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Old 11-09-01, 02:28 AM
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AIWA is pure, unfiltered crap. I don't usually boycott specific name brand but i will never buy anything AIWA for the rest of my life.
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Old 11-09-01, 02:43 PM
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Originally posted by mee2
AIWA is pure, unfiltered crap.
Tell us how you really feel.
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Old 11-09-01, 07:26 PM
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I`ve seen better quality come out of my babys diapers then what Aiwa calls quality products
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Old 11-10-01, 12:19 AM
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My last AIWA product was a portable cd player. If you so much as looked at it funny, it would skip and take at least 3 seconds to start playing again.

But I think AIWA is the best at adding the most pointless flashing lights to its products. So if your room isn't bright enough, it can double as a lamp.
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Old 11-10-01, 08:37 AM
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My first home theater setup was an Aiwa Dolby Digital receiver with speakers and sub. I actually thought it sounded pretty good. After I upgraded to a Denon receiver and Paradigm speakers, I set it up at my mom's apartment and it's worked just fine ever since. Not that I'm recommending Aiwa, I just thought that I'd say that not necessarily everything they make is total crap. For a small satellite/sub system it sounds decent. Yes, you could do much better, but it sounded great to me at the time and was instrumental in getting me hooked on home theater. The Aiwa setup has now been in use for about 2 and 1/2 years and still functions perfectly.
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Old 11-10-01, 01:12 PM
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I only had one AIWA product, an AIWA Walkman type thing.. never again will I buy AIWA...

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Old 11-11-01, 06:30 PM
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I bought an AIWA Dolby Digital Ready receiver/system - worked fine for my bedroom. Would recommend to anyone on a budget and not ready to sink $1500 into an entry level system.
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Old 11-12-01, 10:22 AM
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I had bought an AIWA mini system for my son a couple of years back. The CD player in it stopped working after playing may be a dozen times. Got it repaired at no cost as it was still in warranty (apparently there was a mis-aligned pick-up beam). Worked OK till about 2 days after the warranty expired. Sent emails to AIWA to see if they would help getting it fixed again - no acknowledgement ever from them. After reading others opinions here, I am not surprised at my experience.
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Old 11-14-01, 07:50 PM
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Old 11-14-01, 08:39 PM
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it's still better than bose
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Old 11-15-01, 12:23 PM
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Originally posted by myopic_Raiderfan
Ding Ding Ding he wins the prize.......before Awia was bought out by Sony they were pretty good products...but now they are a low end line sorta like ES is their high end line, the stuff I have seen coming out recently is CRAP bells and whistles and not much else much like consumer sony equipment.
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Old 11-15-01, 04:51 PM
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I don't know how long Aiwa has been a subsidiary of Sony, but I have had my Aiwa shelf system since my freshman year of college, and the thing still works and sounds great. Go figure.

let's see since freshman year.. that means I've had this system for only... 6 years..

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Old 11-16-01, 11:23 AM
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I've got an Awia dvd/cd mini system with 5 speaker surround and various bells and whisltes and its fine. I only use it infrequently, it never gives me any problems and the whole lot cost less than $500 from costco. I think some people here get a little snobbish about equipment and before you all start ranting my main set up cost over $8000 so it's not like I don't know good equipment when I hear it. It all comes down to what your budget is, how you're going to use the equipment and the space your putting it in. Have a demo, if you like the sound and it suits your requirements then buy it.
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Old 11-16-01, 01:02 PM
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I have an Aiwa DVD player. Cost around $200, and it works just fine.
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