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acespades23 11-03-01 05:16 PM

Help me pick out a home theater setup
I'm looking to spend about $2000 for a home theater system (receiver, 2 floor standing speakers, center, 2 surrounds, and a sub). I've got a 32" TV (not hdtv) and will be picking up a dvd player (outside the $2k budget). What do you recommend?

I'm leaning towards a Denon receiver, and B&W 600 series speakers.

ngp 11-04-01 04:34 PM

If you're looking at the Denons, check out the 3802....great receiver!

I went witht the Klipsch reference series speakers and have been very happy with them. If you have "Tweeters" near you, see what open box and floor models they have for sale. Often, these are much cheaper than "brand new".

As for the B&W 600s....they are very nice!

edclem 11-04-01 08:11 PM

you've already got a great receiver in mind.
The B&W 600 Series 2 speaker line is excellent. You might want to also check out the comparably priced Paradigm Reference series. IMO, the cabinets are better made, and they sound amazing.

jabbas 11-04-01 08:41 PM

Ascend Acoustics (ww.ascendacoustics) 5.1 HT system with Hsu VTF-2 subwoofer for $1100

Denon 3802 for about $850

I swear this is the most amazing $2000 you can spend on a home theater system, it will blow away systems costing 5 times as much.

the Ascends are amazing, give them a call and talk to them. I know it's a bit scary committing 1000 to speakers you've never heard from a company you've never heard of, but look at audioreview.com and see that everyone who's ever bought their system gives it a perfect rating and says it outperforms B&W and Paradigm systems costing thousands more.

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