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Matching Fronts with rears necessary?

Old 11-01-01, 10:22 AM
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Matching Fronts with rears necessary?

I am considering upgrading my current system and was wondering if I can use the same rears that I have now. I currently have a Jamo Apollo sat/sub system. I think I want to replace the fronts and the center with speakers capable of more midrange-lowrange than the small sats can handle. Would my rears be ok if I got different fronts or would I need to switch them out....what if I got a different brand of fronts, could I still use my small sats for the rears and still have improved sound compared to the sats all around?
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Old 11-01-01, 10:40 AM
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I have different fronts(cerwins), verses center(infinity), verses rears(bostons). My whole system is made up of different, yet quality components. Sounds great, no problems at all.
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Old 11-01-01, 01:16 PM
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While my fronts and centers are all MBQuart, I'm quite content using ADC's for surrounds and Pioneer Elites for rears. Sounds fine to me (and, apparently fine to my speaker salesman). It's your room, go with what sounds good to you.
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Old 11-01-01, 02:28 PM
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ok...I was just concerned that an upgrade upfront may not work as well because my speakers now are all timbre matched and if I was to switch, only the front and centers would be matched....

would anyone suggest sticking with the same brand even if it's a different product line? Other opinions?
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Old 11-01-01, 05:57 PM
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Re: Matching Fronts with rears necessary?

Is it necessary to match them? - Certainly not a matter of life, death, or law.

Will it sound better if they match? - Maybe.

Would you notice? - Don't know. It's your ears. I can, but only with some program material. Usually not.

FWIW - For matching's sake, it's probably mostly the tweeters you'd want to worry about.
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I didn't think front to back was neccessary, only fronts with center. But on recent trip to specialty shop the salesguy recommended sticking with the brand I had even if it meant getting it somewhere else vs. getting his brand even though they're comparable quality. I was surprised but for the real audiophiles it's probably important. Like it was said, if it sounds good to you, it's your money, that's what counts.
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Old 11-02-01, 09:00 AM
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Sounds like true audiophiles can notice, but as long as I'm close in matching, I probably won't notice any real difference in timbre. I guess it's like about anything else....need to listen to it in my current set-up to see what I think. Thanks for the input!
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I think if the difference of speaker outputs between the main/center and the rears is too big, you'll notice the difference, for example I am using Klipsch RF-3 floorstanding for front and RC-3 for main and a pair of enegry take1 for rear, and the real channels just can't keep up with the mains, and I have to set the +6db for that channel however, the enegry still doesn't sound good afterall...

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