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Home Theater Projectors?

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Home Theater Projectors?

First off, I must admit my complete ignorance on the subject of projectors. I'm building a home theater in my basement. I have my receiver, dvd, speakers, sub, etc. I haven't purchased a television yet. I was planning on buying a 16:9 dtv. However, since I never watch television and I wouldn't watch it on my home theater, a friend suggested I invest a home theater projector and make the most of wide space I have.

I really don't know anything about them. I wouldn't want anyone to spend the time needed to teach everything I need to know as a reply. But if they can point me to a website or faq that will educate, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
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avsforum.com has alot of info about projectors.

Basically three routes: LCD , DLP, and CRT.

LCD is generally cheaper and easy to set-up (pretty much plug and play, a few easy to use menus). DLP is more expensive, newer technology w/less artifacts than LCD. CRT can be super expensive brand new (>$10K), but used ($1-$5k) offers the best value (IMO). CRTs require QUITE a bit of technical know-how. More for the hi-tech geeky crowd, but the results are amazing: 8 foot screen, HDTV capable, incredible detail, really just one step short of a cinema quality movie projector.
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Go to http://www.projectorcentral.com

A wealth of info for newbies. Also a great database as well as used projectors by people upgrading. Excellent site. There are trade offs to each type of projector depending on how sensitive you are. I would go to AVS as well and soak in all the posts there.
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I recommend a CRT if you got the room (these things are big and heavy) and the time to mess with it. My screen (home made) is 92 x 52 and the picture is excellent. DLP and LCD both have little things that bothered me so that is why I went with CRT. But you may find the convenience more than makes up for their shortcomings. I paid $1500 for my Sony VPH-1271Q and considered it money well spent. DVD's look film-like on it and satellite programming is more than acceptable. Nothing like watching a football game where the players are lifesize. You will also need a line doubler or scaler if you go with CRT to get the best picture. I use a HTPC.
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i've had my first projector (an NEC LT150 ) since early august, and i hope i never have to go back to watching movies on a tv...any size tv. the whole experience is transformed.
projector shopping is really tough, so you'll have to do your homework. AVSFOURM is a good start. I, and a lot of other newbies, first learned about the pj i now own, thru some very enthusiastic posts there. that's all i had to go on since there wasn't anywhere i could see this particular pj set-up. In fact, if i had only gone by the set-ups i've seen in stores i wouldn't be responding right now.
i've seen about 4 difft pjs, and out of those 3 were seriously unimpressive. 2 were lcds and one a dlp.
the only one that made me tear my hair out trying to figure out a way to afford it was a Runco dlp that retailed for $17000. when the salesman fired that up, i felt like i was in a real theater. i couldn't get over how good the image looked...splashed across an 8' wide screen. Absolute heaven!
seeing that was what made me haunt the avsforum and there i learned that, while the runco was a good projector, i could do almost as well for a fraction of the cost.
and i have.
my modest little set up (i use a $250 panasonic rp56 and it provides an exceptional image) cost about 1/8 the price of that Runco.
the ease, simplicity, size of this projector is just amazing.
you'll find plenty of posts on avs about it, and if you do a search here you'll probably run across some of my old posts about it.
good luck on what ever you decide to go with. you're definately on the right track though. i'd try to talk anybody out of spending thousands of $ on a rptv when they can get into fp just as easily. the biggest caveat is what you'll be using it for, and in your circumstance, its a sure slam dunk!
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