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slanted lines filling tv screen problem-dvd player?

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slanted lines filling tv screen problem-dvd player?

on occasion my tv has started messing up and slanted lines fill the screen and it looks like they are moving up or down. It gets very noticable when I watch a dvd. that is why I think it may be the player. It was purchased in July. But I (think) also see lines sometimes but not as bad when only the tv is on. Anyone else have this problem ? please let me know and if so was it your dvd player or tv. It just started about a month ago. My TV is a sharp purchased in 96. DVD player is a toshiba 1600

thanks if anyone replies!!

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Can you let us know:

1) how you have your DVD player connected to your TV? (comonent, s-video, composite, RF)

2) a better description of what youare seeing? Is it a herring-bone pattern?

It sounds like interference of some sort, which would mean replacing one or more of your cables.
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First, recheck your 'video' connection at the tv. How many do you have. I have seen people hook up both their RCA video and S-VHS cable into the same video slot on their tv. This, almost always, will cause a problem. The tv 'sees' two video inputs coming in and doesn't display either one of them very well . . . snowy, grainy, lines, etc.. It's ok to run the audio to the tv via the RF cables and still use the S-VHS video input . . . just unplug the RF video portion of the cable at the tv and the DVD player.

Still not fixed? Recheck your cable connections. Make sure they are securly fastened into both the DVD player and the TV.

After you are satisfied that the cables are securely fastened then swap out your existing video cable for a different cable. I have seen cables both 'go bad' and 'be bad' right off the shelf. Cords generally go bad when something gets set on them or they have been badly mishandled during insertion/extraction.

Most of the time, if you have to purchase another cable, you can take it back if you are careful when you open it. That is, do not destroy the packaging when opening it up. Make sure and ask, when purchasing, if it can be returned if it turns out that you do not need it.

Still not fixed? Take the DVD player to another tv or a friends house to make sure it plays ok. If it plays ok then it would be time to suspect the tv.

Or, better yet, borrow a friends DVD player and hook it up to your tv. If it plays ok then it's your DVD player. It if also plays badly then it's probably your tv.

I hate these kind of problems. However, most of the time it is usually cable related. Check, and recheck, those cables. Make sure you only have one video input connected at the TV. Otherwise, it could be a hardware problem.

Good luck.
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