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Help with my Calibration with Avia, sharpness controll and my 47" Panny HDTV

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Help with my Calibration with Avia, sharpness controll and my 47" Panny HDTV

Old 10-25-01, 02:59 PM
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Help with my Calibration with Avia, sharpness controll and my 47" Panny HDTV

I just recently recieved my Panasonic 47" HDTV and its great. Last night I decided to start calibrating it with Avia. I just decided to run the basic picture configs last night. Wen I got to the sharpness test I tried setting the sharpness on the set and chaging the setting from 0 to the highest made no difference to the graph on the avia disc for sharpness. Am I doing something wrong or am I just blind or does sharpness not come into play on this set. The source is a panny Progressive scan dvdplayer.

Also when I adjust the Picture with the avia disc (the one with the gray steps and the 2 black bars going back and for underneath)i can turn it all the way up and the top white block doesnt bloom (wich I dont think it would on a RPTV) and nothing happens to the moving bars at the bottom. So how do I set this, I cant see any point where I should stop moving the setting up, I am confused here, so i just put it in the middle.

Also, anyone know if there are separate R/G/B adjustmensts in the service menu? My red is relly high and so is my green, not as high as the red though and I have my blue set fine.

Anyone know any good sites that would explain how to focus the lenses also, my blue is pretty out of focus.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated
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Old 10-25-01, 06:49 PM
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First - congrats on the all progressive setup harbers.

The sharpness setting with Avia can be pretty subtle. When I set up my display, I ended up watching the width of the diagonal lines. Not a whole lot else seemed to be changing for me. Look very carefully. If you really can't detect a change (believable), then just try to set it at a somewhat low point that looks good to you.

Not being able to make your display bloom when setting white level is an indication that your high voltage supply is able to keep up with whatver you're asking it to do. I'm not sure if that's all RPTVs or not. Quite possibly, given how "hot" they have to drive the CRTs to project from them. You can still use Avia here. Just back way off on white level (contrast) until the white area on the Avia display is gray. Bring it (contrast) up until that gray goes white. Try not to go far beyond that point for the sake of your CRTs.

Ahhh red push. Some mfgrs do some green push also/instead, and I'm not sure I understand the green thing. One thing I have read, is that we (earthlings) tend to not notice the green as much as the red.

They (the manufacturers) know that their TVs are going to be displayed under warm neon lights (read: bluish). They push red in color decoder settings (can't fix it with the rgb settings) to overcome the blue in a store setting. I guess they just assume we'll not notice or care when you get it home and watch it in a dark room with nothing but a rim light.

Go through the Avia process all the way, setting things as well as you can. At/near the end of the calibration process, you'll get the display that your three clear films were meant to be used for - watching through the red filter, you'll probably be able to see just how many % the red is pushed. From here, you can back off of the color level until the red's at 0% when viewed through the filter. The vast majority of the time, I believe you'll find the lowered saturation is easier to live with than the extra red. Once you've done that, you can always bring up the saturation a bit at a time if it's not acceptable. Just keep an eye on red balance of the pic as you do this.
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Old 10-25-01, 08:50 PM
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I just got my Panny yesterday too.

has some great info on this TV.
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