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What DVD player has best video picture from S-Video hookup?

I have an old JVC player. I'd like to upgrade it. Looking for a model that has a great video picture from the S-Video connection. Couldnt hurt if it had Progressive scan too, so i can be ready when i upgrade my tv, but for now, I'd like the best player with the best connection from S-Video cable. Thanks. I hear about the CHROMA bug, and other stuff
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Hiya -

In the name of being a generaly lazy guy, I responded to this question in another thread ( ).

One thing I didn't point out there - is if you decide on the Panasonic progressive deck, this will affect your decision on which progressive TV you get when you're ready. The Panny does not do output scaling where the JVC does. I've no idea as to how many of them do, or which they are, but some (many???) progressive TVs lock themselves into full screen format with any progressive input. That means that your non-anamorphic letterboxed movies, and your full frame TV show DVDs will be streched to fit the 16:9 display (making an assumption on what format TV you'll buy here).

The JVC does auto format scaling (selectable in menus) that will "pad" any format source with the black bars required to output a 1.85:1 picture that your TV will display normally. But - the Panasonic gets rave reviews (as does the JVC), and many (most??) TVs (like my Mits 55809) do not lock in format on anything less than a 1080i input signal.

Neither the Panasonic or the JVC have the Chroma bug. At the moment, I don't think there are many other decks that don't have it.


Pretty verbose answer, considering I only meant to leave a link to my previous reply.
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