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New Speaker Wire needed

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New Speaker Wire needed

Hey all,

I need some new speaker wire. I have 16 gauge. I have some static, which i think is because of my Sony DE545 receiver, and the junky wire. Where can i get cheap speaker wire....maybe 12 gauge? I vaguely remember someone saying home depot, yes...no?

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Yes you can find some reasonably priced speaker wire at Home Depot.
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Unless your wire terminations are bad, the speaker wire is not causing the "static." I would check the terminations at both the receiver and the speakers to make sure you don't have any stray wires.

If you don't want to use one of the various commercial plugs (e.g. banana) you can just solder the bare ware then insert these into the bindings.
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Originally posted by audrey
If you don't want to use one of the various commercial plugs (e.g. banana) you can just solder the bare wire then insert these into the bindings.
Audrey, I thought most installers did NOT tin their speaker wires, to avoid corroded connections. It made sense to me, but they claim better connection to bare wire (picture the contact patch between a round surface and a straight surface, then picture the contact patch between a flattened surface and a straight surface).

I was also encouraged to NOT use wall connections, but to just have the wire go directly to the speaker.
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Scott, it is true soldered wire can corrode over time, as can bare wire. Ideally, you s/d check and clean all of your connections (speakers and line) every so often. There is nothing wrong with bare wire; in fact, some people prefer it. I use bare wire in my two channel system. You just have to be careful to avoid stray wires that can short out the amp.

I suggested soldering the wire as an option, because many inexpensive receivers use spring clips rather than 5-way binding posts and in my experience using twisted bare wire with spring clips can lead to stray wire strands. Stray wires are especially problematic with certain wire types where the copper strands are fine and not very stiff; e.g. most zip cord

WRT in-wall connections, itís also true that running straight wire from the amp to the speaker is superior (at least theoretically) to passing the signal thru an extra set of connections. Whether you can hear a difference, well that depends on your hearing. Most people who choose in-wall connections do so for the same reason they run their video through their receiver, itís convenient.

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Good answer, audrey, as always.

I've also heard that one should plan ahead and leave enough speaker wire so as to be able to snip off the exposed wire and strip a new clean section on a regular basis.

What do I do? Since all of my speakers now accept them, I use good quality bananas.

Back to the original question (I think), I've also heard that some Home Depot speaker wiring, while inexpensive, is prone to air permeating the insulation, and thereby corroding the wire at odd points in the run. I was content to buy 12 guage double insulated wire at $0.33 a foot. My installer let me take a whole box, and charged me only for what I actually used.
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