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DavePhipps 09-30-01 11:40 PM

disaster - no progressive scan
Well I'm sendign in my JVC player to get the software upgrade.

So I hooked up my old Sony player thats not a progressive scan, let me tell you the difference was far more than I ever realized. I mean when I went from 480i to 480p yea I could notice a difference but it didn't seem like that big of a difference. Going from 480p to 480i is a major difference.

Mr. Salty 10-01-01 01:08 AM

That's your definition of a disaster?

Xytraguptorh 10-01-01 01:40 AM

I totally agree with you about GOING BACK to interlaced from progressive scan. I have the JVC 7-disc progressive scan DVD changer and it has a switch on the remote to toggle between interlaced or progressive. THere's definitely a noticeable difference once you're used to PS. I used to have the 721BK and sent it back to Crutchfield and hooked up my old interlaced player while I waited on the new progressive scan player to arrive. The difference may appear subtle at first, but to me it was bothersome. The picture just doesn't pop out at you as much...and it's just not as clean and bright, IMO. Oh, the new JVC changer formats non-anamorphic DVDs like the older models...about 70% of the time. Used to, on the ones that it didn't format, you could use the player's ZOOM button to make the movie fill the screen and the zoom logo could be cleared by a press of the button on the remote. On the new player, you can't clear the ZOOM X2 logo. But, it's now MUCH easier to access the player's menu to switch to 4:3 LB and use your TV to zoom. And you can resume a movie from where you left off after you access the player's menu. I think this done because you lose a lot more resolution (in my opinion) when using the zoom button on the player rather than using 4:3 LB and the TV's zoom in the cases that the player won't scale a certain nonanamorphic title. Okay, I'll shut up now. :)

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