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Old 09-15-01, 10:53 PM   #1
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bass shakers (please)!

Read all the searched posts on the subject but need a little more help please! I just purchased the 25W AURA. I have a Pioneer 409 Reciever, 5 speakers C, FL, FR, SR, SL. No Sub. How do i power the shakers? What's the cheapest way? Do i need to buy a sub, another reciever? I'm stationed in japan and they don't sell AMPS here. I can buy a sub or a reciever? Do i need both? Can you post from what out put to what input from my old reciever to what ever i neem to purchase? (if that makes any sense) Thanks in adavnce for any advise. Basic instructions please. I wish the instructions that cam with the things would detail it out.

[email protected]
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Old 09-16-01, 08:46 AM   #2
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I'm almost positive Japan sells just amps by themselves, but the cheapest route should be buying a stereo receiver to power the bass shakers. You could get away with any receiver rated at over 50 watts, even if it's a crappy receiver it should have more then enough power to put out 25 watts to the bass shakers.

If you have more then one bass shaker you will need either two rca cables or an adapter that splits into two rca connectors.

What you will need to do is go from the RCA subwoofer output of the pioneer receiver to the RCA input of an amp (you could use a reciever as an amp). Just plug in the RCA to any source input of the new receiver, switch the receiver to that source and adjust the volume knob accordingly.

For example: Rca sub out from pioneer receiver > Rca cd input of next reciever (the rca can be split to both left and right channel to power dual bass shakers or just one channel only for a single unit) > using the correct speaker output or both speaker outputs (depending on which channel [left/right] the rca is connected to) attach speaker wire from new receiver to bass shaker > adjust volume of new receiver to adjust bass shaker level.
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Old 09-16-01, 05:22 PM   #3
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I am running my set of 25 watt Aura shakers off of an old vintage Pioneer receiver rated at 40 watts per channel, with no problems whatsoever.

They don't take much power to work so almost any receiver or amp you can find should do the job.

I like the shakers when I try to do an all out action fest, but if you are not in that mood they tend to get a bit annoying. Regardless, they are a fun upgrade for your home theater.

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