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lalakai 08-06-01 01:37 PM

Panasonic DVD RV31 vs RV41
Hi Folks. Need some help ID'g the differences between these units. Tried doing some searches at audioreview and a couple other places, but no luck. If anyone could give me some input on their differences I'ld appreciate it. Thanks.

skar 08-06-01 06:39 PM

The Panasonic RV-41 adds an onboard Dolby Digital decoder.

lalakai 08-07-01 09:32 AM

Thanks Skar. My receiver already has a dolby digital decoder, so might as well go with the 31 and spend the money on a decent stand.

skar 08-07-01 07:24 PM

Sounds great. I got the 31 and I think it is a great buy.

lalakai 08-07-01 08:26 PM

but i do admit to a certain amount of indecision between the 31 and the Toshiba 2700. Both are similiar in specs and cost; might come down to which one was not made in china.

SiuBo 08-16-01 02:15 PM

I've also got the Panasonic RV31, and I think it is amazing. However, on certain discs I've noticed that the screen blinks from dark to grey (usually in night scenes). Most notorious is The Mummy.

I'm just wondering if any of you have this problem, or maybe it is my player. I know it isn't the disc because it played perfectly on my old Pioneer.

Any ideas?

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