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Jerry 07-21-01 01:53 PM

Sony Universal Remote Problem (RM-VL900T)
I just bought a VL-900T learning remote, but it just doesn't seem to be able to learn from my NAD CD player's remote. The single code provided in the Code Manual doesn't allow track access.

I think it might be a infra-red frequency problem. Think you guys can suggest something to help me?

PS. Strangely, the NAD commands could be learned by my old Mitsubishi remote.

stevevt 07-21-01 04:43 PM

Re: Sony Universal Remote Problem (RM-VL900T)

Originally posted by Jerry
PS. Strangely, the NAD commands could be learned by my old Mitsubishi remote.
How about trying to teach the Sony remote with the learned codes on the Mitsubishi remote?

I have no idea why, but this strategy has worked for me in the past.

Jerry 07-22-01 12:31 AM

I've already tried that stevevt, it doesn't work. I guess the Mitsubishi remote is just duplicating the exact frequency... Damn the NAD remote.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

Jerry 07-22-01 01:14 AM

I just went to the NAD website, and I found the proposed solution. Unfortunately, it doesn't work! Bummer.


23. I can't seem to program my "learning remote" from your remote control. What can I do?

The problem you're experiencing is that the micro in the remote handset is in sleep/battery-save mode, and when a key is pressed to wake it up the first few microseconds of the transmission contain invalid data. The learning remotes usually pick this up and retransmit this invalid data faithfully. So the NAD units do not respond.

The way around this (and this is what the custom installers do) is to point the remote away from the learning remote for a moment (or shield it with your hand to block the transmission) when you first press a key to wake it up. Then quickly re-orient it and press the key to "learned."

Some learning devices require a "tapping technique" for repetitive commands like "volume up" and 'volume down'. This may require a little practice to get the technique right.

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