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Outlaw 07-19-01 09:24 PM

Has your receiver ever overheated?
Has it? I was wondering since I've seen a lot pics of people's HT setups and they have all their receivers, amps, pre-amps, dvd players stacked up on top of each other in a rack or glass case. I was thinking about stacking my equipment like that to save space but I'm worried about my receiver overheating and I don't want to add a fan because of the extra noise, wires, and space it takes up. Granted my Denon 1801 hardly generates that much heat (if any), but the vents are located across the top and may get congested if I put my dvd player or vcr on it.

I was at the hi-fi store today (finally found a good one) checking out speakers and there was this $1100 Pioneer receiver that was really hot!! I don't want to hassle with warranty's, etc, because I got my receiver for really cheap at uBid whom I've heard doesn't take kindly to exchanges, although if need be I would. I just want to know what do you people think? Has or is overheating a problem for you?

skar 07-19-01 09:30 PM

I always keep the receiver separate in the A/V stack. I'll stack a playstation, on a tape deck, on a DVD player, on a VCR, on a TiVo, but I always reserve a separate shelf for a receiver or an amp. And I haven't had a any problems. (Except when using my friend's DJing equipment outside in 90 degree weather. The amp had a fan blowing right on it, and it still was clipping.)

DavePhipps 07-19-01 10:12 PM

No, I even have had other components stacked on a receiver and never had such a heat problem - but i rarley have my receiver on for more than a couple of hours at a time

GMLSKIS 07-20-01 01:26 AM

My reciever gets very hot but I have never had a problem although I am always concerned. It sits on its on shelf behind glass that is closed while running. I can't leave the close open because it would cover the speaker. However after my movie is done and I turn things off I open the glass door to help cool the reciever down.

Brian Shannon 07-20-01 08:10 AM

There are some urban legends connected with this however, a well designed receiver will run hot.

Depending on the size of the heat sinks and the amount of curent being drawn you should expect heat, perhaps even a large amount of it.

As long as you do not block the ventilation of the erceiver you should have no problems.

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