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JBL Speakers - S312 or ND310

Old 07-18-01, 09:53 AM
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JBL Speakers - S312 or ND310

I'm looking at JBL tower speakers and have a dilema. Here are the 2 speakers I'm looking at with all the specs-



I'm having a tough time deciding if the S312 is worth the extra money. I guess only a listen will answer that question, but does anyone have any opinions or suggestions???

THANKS in advance!
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Old 07-18-01, 10:06 AM
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I am not sure how much money you are trying to spend. But when I was in the market in December, I was looking at the s312's also. But after reading recommendations on audioreview.com I decided to go with the S412P's. I love them, they are little large, but sound wonderful for music as well as Home Theater. I was able to find them for around $450 each while looking at cnet.com. This may not be your price range, but if you can do it, I would, you will not regret the extra money spent. Good luck.
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Old 07-18-01, 10:21 AM
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S412's ... Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I can't afford them! Those speakers look totally sweet, but I must draw the line somewhere.

I think what I'm really interested in is if anyone has compared the sound quality between the ND310 with dual 10" woofers and the S310 studio series with lovely beach cabinets and a 12" single woofer. I've always been a sucker for dual anything. If I go with the studio series, I'll probably buy 3 S310s and use one for the center channel and buy the S38's for the rear speakers. If I go with the ND310's I'll probably just buy 3 of them and use my LX-55's for the rear channels. If I go Studio Series, I want matching components for better sound cooperation, but the ND's will save me a fortune. My old LX-55's for the rear channels will sound good, but then I'll be dealing with a wall of massive speakers closing in around me. The greedy upgrade me says buy the studio series, but the bankrupt me says save money, I don't need all those speakers, the ND's will do fine and the LX-55's are great speakers that I already own.

It's all good - except the headache I'm getting.
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Old 07-18-01, 10:45 AM
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You're spending quite a bit of money on speakers, I thnk you
can do MUCH better than JBL for the same cash.

Listen to some of these models with your own CDs:


If you don't, and just stick to shopping for one brand, you're selling
yourself short.

Good luck.
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Old 07-18-01, 11:11 AM
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Paradigm Phantoms are my favorite towers at this price range. I can't recommend JBL towers.
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Old 07-18-01, 04:53 PM
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Go for the Studio Series. I have the S38s and S-Center and have found they are very coherant, and dynamic for movies. Timbre matching makes a big difference. For the price they really can't be beat.

The link Michael gave also provides some good information on speakers trumpted over and over again on the internet forums.

Alot of people dismiss the JBL studio series right off the bat, because of JBLs reputation of being a rock and roll speakers, without every hearing the actual speakers. The studio series gets it right, and can hold its own against any speaker in the same price range.

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Old 07-18-01, 05:03 PM
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I hear what you're saying Master J. I believe I'll go with S310's in front and an s-center with S38's rounding out the back. We'll leave the Subwoofer question open for another day.

Upper-end JBL's make fine speakers. I've had LX-55's for years and have always loved how solid they are and they've always sounded tight and clean. Beautiful speakers, I'll be sure to find them a good home.

Etronics is selling S310's for $189 each. S38's are going for $287 a pair. That's a considerable mark down and is helping alot with this decision. The reviews at AudioREVIEW.com are looking good too.

--thanks for the input--
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Old 07-19-01, 07:00 PM
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I purchased the following JBL Studio Series speakers last September and have been very happy with them:

JBL S-Center Studio Series 3-Way 5 1/4" Center Channel Speaker
JBL S38 Studio Series 8" 3-Way Horizontal Bookshelf Speakers
JBL S26 Studio Series 2-Way 6" Bookshelf Speakers

W/seperate JBL powered 12" sub

They sound great and work very well in a small 10 X 15 home theatre, using a Yamaha RX-V795 receiver and SD-3108 Toshiba DVD player.

Buyer Beware - Be careful where you purchase your JBL speakers online. JBL will void the warranty on any speaker not purchased through an authorized JBL distributor. Visit the JBL web site for a list of authorized resellers, and be prepared to spend alot more for your JBL speakers then the pricing mentioned above if you purchase through an authorized reseller.

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Originally posted by mward
I hear what you're saying Master J. I believe I'll go with S310's in front and an s-center with S38's rounding out the back.
mward -

I don't know what your price range is or how much room you've got, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend you go with the S312s rather that S310s in the front. I've auditioned both quite a few times and I think the S312s sound significantly better and more dynamic than the 310s. Of course, many people are happy with the 310s and they are good sounding speakers, so it's not like you can go wrong -- just a suggestion that I think the 312s are more bang for the buck.

Good luck!
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Old 07-20-01, 01:19 PM
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I have JBL S310 that I purchased from etronics for ~$200 each. I compared them to a lot of others and the decision was clear to me, that they were by far the best available for the $$. One warning- the factory packaging is virtually non-existant and I received one of them damaged. To my pleasant surprise, etronics was very good about helping me to get the problem fixed and getting me a new speaker quick. So if you order these speakers, instruct the website to either block the port and fill the box with peanuts or double pack the box.

By the way I also have the S-center and N-24 for surrounds (I had to save a few $ somewhere) The S-center is great, and timbre matched. You can tell a big difference between the voice-matched front and surround with calibration DVDs but the N series rears really do a pretty good job for HT.
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Old 07-20-01, 10:54 PM
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i currently have the following jbl speakers
HLS center
HLsS 610 for rears
ARC90's for left and right
and an infinity sub

i have a rear speaker gone bad and have a tweeter on one of my ARC's gone bad. I believe my sub has problems also. I have had the ARC for about four years the others are about a year old. Anyway im wondering if anyone is familiar with these speakers and how much better are the newer ones. Of course im not even sure how old the HLS series speakers are. I plan on getting a RPTV in about 4 or 5 mos and also want to upgrade my speakers and reciever. My speakers i thought sounded ok but nothing great. Keep in mind however i have an old kenwood reciever that doesnt have DTS or even Dolby Digital. Im looking to spend between 3-6 hundred for the reciever and probably 9-12 hundred on speakers...any suggestions

also what is the prefered hookup as far as dvd to tv to reciever...etc. never really understood the whole video input output thing on a reciever. whats it used for. I know this is alot of crap but hey i know you all can handle it.
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Old 07-23-01, 01:13 PM
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Does anyone who owns the studio series know what kind of speaker wire connections they use??? Banana, spade, etc???

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Old 07-23-01, 02:27 PM
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JBL Studio Series - All Studio Series loudspeakers are equipped with all-metal, 5-way, gold-plated binding post speaker terminals.
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