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Dan has been and gone 07-14-01 09:34 PM

Skyworth DVD-1050P
Anyone have one of these players? If so could you answer some questions.

Is it a regional manual select or auto select?
Does it have 5.1 or/and DTS built in decoder?
Where is the cheapest place to buy one of these baby?

cubanx 07-15-01 03:27 AM

1> Autoselect
2> 5.1 built-in not sure of DTS though. My reciever does the decoding so I really didn't check the players decoding ability.
3> http://www.hivizone.com

nekobus 07-15-01 11:34 AM

Go to the www.avsforum.com and enter the "DVD and LD Hardware" section. There are many threads about the Skyworth, including how to repair it, reviews and an FAQ.

This will hopefully answer any questions you could have about this player.

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