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IndyDVDGuru 07-12-01 01:24 PM

Panasonic A110U just died...
The player seems to be over-heating. About an hour into Top Gun, the player starts to pixelize.

Is this a common problem for the Panasonic? Any suggestions on getting it fixed or replaced?

The unit is about 2 years old.


sh4ft 07-12-01 03:05 PM

the player is probably on it's last legs. it could be a heat issue (it's not stacked on top of your receiver, is it?), but more than likely the laser pickup is starting to go bad. Time for a replacement.

It's a fairly common problem for the Panasonic A110 and A310, but not on any of the newer Panasonic models. My A120 hasn't had issues with a single disk. You may want to do a search to see what other people have done when faced with a similar situation with their A110s. I seem to recall someone getting a replacement player from Panasonic after a few calls/letters to the right people, but I might have read that on another board.

Iron Chef 07-12-01 03:42 PM

Originally posted by sh4ft

My A120 hasn't had issues with a single disk.

Same here. I love my A120

Chili Palmer 07-12-01 09:07 PM

I don't want to hear it! I'm going on 2.5 years strong with my A110 and it was a return!! :johnwoo:

agrall 07-13-01 01:04 PM

Originally posted by Iron Chef

Same here. I love my A120

My Panasonic A120U...

(insert Homer drool here...)

Gotta love it... :)

sh4ft 07-13-01 03:06 PM

us A120 owners need to speak up in the threads asking "what dvd player should i get?" it seems like it's always sony or toshiba that gets the nod, when in reality the currently available entry level panasonics (the 30 and 31) are great models too. one mistake with laser life (the A*10 series) and panasonic gets blacklisted as unreliable. as far as value for price paid, i don't think it gets much better than the panasonic players.

Fielding Mellish 07-14-01 05:59 PM

one mistake with laser life (the A*10 series) and panasonic gets blacklisted as unreliable.
Damn right they do. Let's look at the facts:

A) An inordinate number of A-110's began to fail after little more than one year of use. A well-documented fact.

B) TO THIS DAY Panasonic denies there was a problem with the way the A-110 was designed and/or built.

C) For a year after these failures began to occur, the only option made avialable to affected consumers was a $170 fix. Most "happy" A-110 owners (like myself) decided to simply replace it.

D) After many consumers simply gave up and tossed their A-110's, Panasonic quietly began to replace them... while still not admitting anything.


By their actions during the crucial early years of the DVD format, Panasonic deserves their current low reputation. In fact, I feel they got off light. I will personally never buy another Panasonic product again. And I encourage others to do the same.

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