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i-mmt 06-19-01 04:32 PM

I own 2 dvd players a Sony and a Phillips I do not know how to zoom in. Is there some special code you have to do or what?

renaldow 06-19-01 05:18 PM

Not all DVD players zoom. Usually the option is right there on the remote control. Check your manuals to see if the option is available.

William Ward 06-19-01 09:58 PM

Remember, when you zoom you lose resolution. Just think of a picture you can download that you blow up to a full screen size. It won't be as bad as that, but you get the idea.

Just watch the darn thing the way it was intended. You'll see the whole picture that way.

Master J 06-20-01 12:32 AM

Sonys for the most part do not have a zoom feature. Look for a Toshiba player if you are dead set on zooming your films for whatever reason (hopefully not for home made pan and scan though)


travlr 06-20-01 10:30 AM

I think I've used the zoom on my Toshiba twice. Once playing around with the beginning of Armageddon and then when Drew gets shot out the window in Charlie's Angels. ;)

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