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Jank77 04-25-01 08:52 AM

Most importantly, do DVD burners really work. What problems will I run into if i buy one.

Movie_Man 04-25-01 10:32 AM

No experiance with one, but one would only make sense to purchase if you plan on using it to make your own "home movies". Using it to pirate movies wouldn't make much sense since the blank discs cost about the same as buying a movie from the store.

jellis 04-25-01 10:35 AM

OK, bear in mind that I have not been following this market, but where did you see one for $600? The only thing I have seen around $600 was someone on E-bay selling a VCD recorder claiming in the description that it was a DVD recorder.

Please do tell as I always told myself I would snag one of these once they got below $700 (I have A LOT of home movies that I want to archive to DVD as well as some other things).

And yes, pirating would not make sense now, but give it some time and the media prices will fall...just like CD's did.

Shay 04-25-01 10:57 AM

The media should get definitely get cheaper if the DVD burner reaches a criticial mass. Remember CDR used to be several dollars a piece. Now they can be had for almost free.

DVDKrayzie 04-26-01 05:37 PM

i saw blank DVDs for $5 at Fry's.

ChiTownAbs, Inc 04-26-01 06:35 PM

Originally posted by DVDKrayzie
i saw blank DVDs for $5 at Fry's.
Are you sure it wasn't the Battlefield Earth DVD?


DVDKrayzie 04-26-01 06:37 PM

no i saw those in the trash bins outside.

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