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Tsar Chasm 04-16-01 08:19 PM

Okay, I did a limited search on this topic on the web and can't find the answers to my questions...

1. Are there different boxes? Should I be asking for a specific box? If I am going to make this leap, I want the best picture/sound I can get.

2. What are the outputs like? Can I get S-Video/Optical outs?

3. What do you hate about Digital Cable? I can't have Satellite and do still watch limited amounts of television.

4. What do you love about Digital Cable?

As always, any and all comments/suggestions appreciated.

Shay 04-17-01 09:19 AM

DJGriffen, I am a current AT&T Digital Cable customer.

1. I have a General Instruments Box. I do not know if other markets have different boxes.

2. There are only RCA or coax outputs on my box so no S-Video.

3/4. I hate the slow channel changes, but the number of channels is pretty good. Not as many that you could get with satellite, but it is still good.

DigIt 04-17-01 09:38 AM

3. Not from personal experience, but I have heard that some channels are digital good (look like satellite) and some channels are digital bad (look like crap). YMMV.

cpgator 04-17-01 01:06 PM

Can't use a descrambler with DC. :thmbsdwn: ;)

Tsar Chasm 04-18-01 11:43 AM

Went into AT&T and this is what I found
Digital Cable has analog outs. L, R, Video.
No S-Video, No Toslink, No Component Out.

Color me disappointed :(

jeffles37 04-26-01 12:30 PM

AFAIK, ATT Digital is only digital picture when you get outside of the channels that are supplied with regular cable. (At least it was when it first debuted in Boulder, CO)

Oraphus 04-26-01 04:00 PM

I've had digital cable in 2 houses i lived in, (before any smart ass comments... no, i was not the one who got it originally in either house)
Digital cable sucks...
-slow chanel change
-low quality even with/especially with payed chanels (HBO, Cinimax, etc.)
-Way over priced for the crappy service and overall quality,
especially with payed chanels i noticed the sound does not match with the opening of the mouth of actors. (basically sound comes either 1-2 seconds early or late, very frustrating)

TechPrep 04-26-01 07:29 PM

I just happen to work at AT&T Broadband, so let me clarify for you.

The digital boxes produced by Motorola (General Instruments) are the DCT 2000. The original DCT 2000 was supposed to have Dolby Digital audio (through an SPDIF connection), and S-Video, but there was a problem with the software side of the DD equation, so AT&T decided not to purchase boxes with the hardware enabled so therefore no SPDIF port. Also, they decided not to go with the S-Video (I don't know why) and therefore most boxes just have the RCA-type connections (as well as the standard coax). I do know that 1 out of every 200 or so supposedly comes through with the S-Video and SPDIF but we don't support it and customers can't specifically request that they get such a box. Luck of the draw applies here.

We have been told that there is a new version of the box, the DCT 5000 that we are testing and hope to release later this year that is more "home theater compatible" and we have also heard rumors that there are other more "convergent" boxes on the horizon (i.e. built-in PVR, etc).

As for picture quality, only the true digital channels are improved quality (Movie Pack, Family Pack, Knowledge Pack) and the Premium channels (HBO, STARZ!, CINEMAX, etc). And it is a noticeable improvement. When I got mine installed I was truly impressed at the difference.

Anyone on the fence about getting it should call in and ask about our great new promo! :) (hey, might as well make a pitch while I'm at it!)

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