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Movie Posters Star Wars/Captain America LOT, Batman.. tons

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Movie Posters Star Wars/Captain America LOT, Batman.. tons

Old 06-12-16, 03:02 PM
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Movie Posters Star Wars/Captain America LOT, Batman.. tons

For the DVDS All three brand new never opened:
EQUALIZER and Young Indiana Jones Vol 1 and 2 sets


All 4 Star Wars with 3 Captain America (Total 7 Limited IMAX posters 9.5x13) $47 shipped for the Lot

All 4 Star Wars with 3 Captain America (Total 7 Limited IMAX posters 9.5x13) $47 shipped for the Lot

Finally here are the single posters:

All authentic original movie posters from theater and great condition. I've been collecting for a long time, but I don't get 1 sheets often.
New memorabilia on top. IF you don't see it here.....I usually have cinema film past 1997. Ive added plenty since this post, if you want the Current listing msg me, ty.

Perfer a minumum of 2-3 posters most here are midsized 12-13 inch (ex 12 x 19) unless noted can combine. New ones added: Now you see me 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Shadows limited 2016, Jungle Book,

1st green bin

300 Rise of the Empire (guy in view) $3.00
American Sniper #3 $3 (upstairs bin under bed)
Ant man (antman in backround with a spiderlike shadow) 2015 (upstairs bin under bed)
Avengers (Limited Imax) " ($7.50) upstairs bin
Birdman (2014) (Guy looking up to the sky) " 3.50 (Under the bed bin)
Birdman (2014) All the characters red poster) " 3.50
Birdman (2014) flying eagle on his head (few remaining) 3.50
Birdman (2014) (Eagle with wings on the stand) " 3.50 (check may be same as one above)
Bullet to the head (Stallone) " 2.99
Captain America: The First Avenger $3.50"
Chef $3
Dolphin Tale 3D (2011) $3
Edge of Tomorrow (Both standing) 3.50
Edge of Tomorrow (Both standing and ships destroyed in backround) 3.50
Forest Gump (Limited Imax 2014) the tree $4
GI Joe: Regal Cinemas (Really cool shadows almost animated w/ Willis and cobra on poster) 3.50
Guardians of the Galaxy $4
Gravity: Sandra Bullock on the poster $2.75
Harold and Kumar: Escape $2.75
Harold and Kumar: A Very 3D Christmas $2.75
Horrible Bosses 2 3.50
How to Train your dragon 2 3.50
Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 (Very large 27 x 40 sizes) (Phoenix) 1 Sold, 2 more left ($7.50)
Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 (Very large 27 x 40 sizes) (Lady) 2 left of this ($7.50)
Hunger Games: Catching fire: Katniss 13x20 few left $4.50
Hunger Games: Catching fire: Peeta 13x20 last 2 left $4.50
("Let the 75th Annual Games Begin". From the 2013 action/adventure sequel is here-
"HUNGER GAMES 2: CATCHING FIRE" - starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson,
Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci,
Donald Sutherland, Toby Jones, Woody Harrelson, Jena Malone, Philip Seymour Hoffman,
Amanda Plummer and Jeffrey Wright. Directed by Francis Lawrence. Poster is US
Advanced of "Katniss" played by JENNIFER LAWRENCE and "Peeta" starring Josh
Hutcherson. Great for "HUNGER GAMES" fans and collectors alike!")
Home (animated one) $2.50 (upstairs bin under bed)
Inherent Vice $2
Interstellar $3
Interstellar (Limited Imax) $4
Insurgent: Divergent: (Theo James) $3
Insurgent: Divergent (Shailene Woodley) $3
Insurgent: Divergent (Both of them on it) $3
Jupiter Ascending (2015) $2 (upstairs bin?)
Jurassic Park: 3D Imax 20th Anniversary In bin drawers (2nd drawer)
Jurassic World (Lady facing dinosaur) In bin drawers (2nd drawer)
Jurassic World (Hes riding with the raptors) In bin drawers (2nd drawer)
Lions for Lambs (Cruise, Streep) $2
Night at the Museum 3 (Legend of the tomb) $4 (under the bed bin)
Pacific Rim $2
Pacific Rim Limited (Only 2 left) $2.99
Red 2 (They're facing you) $3
Red 2 (Their backs on ya) $3
Rio 2 $3
Riddick Limited $4
Incredible Hulk (only 2 left) $4 Check
Iron Man 3 (Limited Imax) $7
Iron Man animated #17 doublesided with Guardians of Galaxy $7
One Direction: 1D the movie poster (only 2 left) $4
One Direction: Madame tussan poster (few left) $4
Planet 51 (Makers of shrek) $2
Prisoners (Hugh Jackman) $2
Saw 10th anniversary (2014) $3
Simpsons: The movie (under the bed bin)
Star Trek: Into Darkness (ship going down) $4
Star Trek Limited: Into Darkness Limited Imax 2013 (Wow long scroll poster: ship going across) $4.50
Star Wars: The Making of Return of the Jedi JW Rinzler $5
The Star Wars: Dark Horse Comic (Many characters on the poster) $5
Angry Birds: Star Wars (Comic con) $5
Superman: Man of steel $4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Limited Edition IMAX: Leonardo 2014 $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IMAX Limited Edition: Raphael 2014 (check availability)
Top Gun (2013 Limited Imax) $5
The Expendables 3 (Jason Statham) + Bonus Terry Crews & Antonio Bandaras $5.99
The Fall (2006) $2
The Gambler (Souvenier NY Premiere ticket 12/10) $ask
The Hobbit: Battle of armies $2.75
The Hobbit: Demolation of Smaug (2 statues) $2.75
The Hobbit: Demolation of Smaug (all chars on poster) The Hobbit $2.75
is a popular series from The Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Homesman $2
The Impossible $3
The Judge (Robert Downy Jr) Iron man $2
The Promise (Asian film) $2
Transformers IMAX Limited Edition $7
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans $3
Water Diviner 2015 $3
Wedding Ringer $2
Were the millers $3
Wizard of Oz 75th (Anniversary) $3
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return $3
Oz: The great and powerful (Limited Imax) $4
Wolverine (Nice glossy one with him on the poster) Known from X-Men $3
World War Z (They're climbing up to reach the helicopter) $2
World War Z Imax Limited $2.50

Hellboy (animated) $2 (may be last one)

2nd green bin:

After Earth (Will smith one)
All is lost
Andy: Circus Freaks (Larger than midsized)
Crazy Stupid Love
Drive Angry (Small fold top left)
Evil Dead
Focus (will smith film)
Gangster Squad (few remaining)
Goodfellas anniversary poster
Gone (amanda seifried)
Gravity $3.50
Grudge Match (Stallone Deniro) 1.50
Hangover 3: The epic finale to the hangover trilogy party 3
Hills Have Eyes 2
Hills Have Eyes 2 Unrated
Ice Age movie
Jackas 3D
Jack the giant slayer
Jersey Boys
Journey 2 (the center of the earth): mysterious island
Little miss sunshine (poster is little too)
Machete Kills (few small center fold)
Mao's Last Dancer
Madagascar 3D: Islands of Lemur (nice cardboard feel)
Magic Mike XXL
Meet Joe Black
Men in Black 3 (All 3 on the poster)
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal
Mercury Rising
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Night at the museum: Battle of the smithonian (2 left)
Pelham 123
Piranna 3D
Pus in Boots (Dream works bout the cat)
Rango (johnny depp movie) $3
Resident Evil Revelations 2 (white bag 2nd bin) few left
Robo Geisha (japanese film)
Rock of Ages
OUTCAST: From the creator of Walking Dead (animated) comic con
San Andreas (Climbing the cliff)
San Andreas (Hes looking at you)
Saw 10th anniversary
Serenity: Those Left Behind (animated)
Sex in the city
Standing Tall
Sunshine (from 28 days later director)
The Campaign
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Steig)
The Grudge 2
The Faculty
The Fall
The Kite Runner
The Peanut movie (2015)
Twlight (his face)
Warm Bodies
We're the millers (need to combine ones from 1st bin)
Wrath of the titans
V for vendetta v1 & 2
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the sea dragon (chinese film)
Zero Dark Thirty
Igor: John Kusack is.. (need to combine with one in white bag) animated
Grindhouse: Bee Vixens from mars part 1 (animated
The Kids are all right
TMNT: Ralph righting shredder (Nickelodean one)

Hobbit: Defining chapter & demolations of smaug (2 different posters) (most likely moved to bottom drawer)
Jurassic World (lady facing dino) - (Combine with one in bin drawers)
Terminator Genysis (skull head) need to combine) 2015
Elizabeth the golden age (check if need to combine)

3rd bin - the misc bin:
Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 13x20 (Phoenix) , Using as a LOT of 3 hunger games posters
Twilight: Forever (Kristen Stewart on poster) $3
Twilight (her face)
Twilight (him and her)
Twilight (all chars running forward)

Separate bin drawers:

300: Prepare for glory (Guys falling) 2.99
300: Prepare for glory (lady) 2.99
A Good day to die hard $2
A Scanner Darkly (Keanu and Downy JR) 3.50
Abduction (Taylor from twilight midsized)
After Earth (Jaden and Wills faces) and other bin $2
Casino Royale (007 James Bond)
Dark Knight (Batman on motorcycle) 2008 $5.50
Dark Knight Rises (Batman within surroundings)
Divergent 2014 (lady on poster)
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (3 left) $2 (check 2nd bin if need to combine)
Fantastic Four RISE (of the Silver Surfer on the poster)
Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift
Fast & The Furious 7 (doublesided)
Ghost Rider (few left)
GI Joe (special)
Man with the Iron Fist (fist on poster) 2.50
Mercury Rising (willis & guy) 2 left 4.50
Narnia: Voyage 3D (last one) midsized 6.00
Oceans 13 5.00
Unstoppable (midsized) $2
Harry Potter: Chamber of secrets (Larger than midsized *) $6.50
Harry Potter: Hollows 4.00 (running up)
Harry Potter: Order of the phoenix: rebellion (all of them on poster) 3.50
Hulk animted (2 left)
Hunger games: mockingjay (midsized)
Indiana Jones: Memorial Day teaser (Beige backround indiana on poster)
Indiana Jones: Memorial Day teaser 2008 (black backround his hat shown) few left
Iron man animated #1 Doublesided with X-Men all chars on poster 2012 (The revolution) MARVEL NOW)
Iron man animated #17 Doublesided with Guardians of the galaxy
Iron man sworming down (partial animated)
Iron man (mark 1, mark 2, mark 3) few left
Iron man 2008 teaser
Iron man 2008 (The chars on poster) $6.50
IRON MAN 3: Limited Imax
MAD MAX (2015) $3
Marvel Now: Uncanny Avengers #1 doublesided
MARVEL Assemble: Ironman doublesided with ultimate spiderman (animated)
MARVEL Heroes: The complete avengers (small)
..Ultimate Heroes (Wolverine)
NEXT (Nicholas cage Sci-Fi) 1.99
Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
Rush Hour 3 $5
San Andreas (facing you)
San Andreas (climbing the cliff)
Salt (Jolies face on poster) 2.50
Smurfs (theyre climbing up)
Smurfs (they are facing you)
Speed Racer
Star Wars (Angry Birds Star Wars: May the Birds Be With You (midsized)
Star Wars Epic Yarns (2015)
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D $4
Star Wars: Legacy of the force (rare) midsized $5
Star Wars Tarkin (animated) $4
Star Wars: Red Harvest doublesided with The Old Republic (rare arger than midsized $6.50
Super-8 JJ Abrams/Spielberg film $4
TERMINATOR GENISYS: Lady holding robot head (few left)
The Amazing Spiderman 2 few remaining
The Incredible Hulk (ed nortan one) few remain
The Expendables 3 (Crews) 4.50
The Expendables 3 (Bandaras) 4.50
The Expendables 3 (Staham) 4.50
The Spirit (guy with hat on poster from maker of 300) 2.99
The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey (Hobbit is holding sword) $3
The Runaways (Kristen as Joan Jett next to lady) midsized (mAYVE MOVED
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 (comp generated one) LEO $3.50
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 (comp generated one) MIKE 3.50
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 (comp generated one) DON 3.50
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 (comp generated one) RALPH 3.50 (last)
Top Gun (limited Imax) 6.00
Twilight Breaking Dawn: The finale (all characters on poster) 5.50
Transformers: Dark side of the moon 3.99
Transformers: Our war (symbol) 3.99
Wizard of Oz limited edition imax
X-Files 2008 (midsized) $5
X-Men Days of Future past (special 2 left) $5
Hellboy: midnight circus (move to drawer from white bag)

moving from white bag to drawer) animated

Street kings (midsized plenty) keanu whitiker $2 (top drawer or 2nd green bin)


The JUNGLE BOOK (long scroll poster)
NOW YOU SEE ME 2 (Morgan freeman, radcliffe)
Kung Fu Panda 3 (both versions)
10 Cloverfield Lane
Batman vs Superman (5 of 6 different posters ask)
Deadpool amc imax
SPECTRE 007 (Guy with suit)
SPECTRE 007 Limited imax guy with mask
Creed (The next Rocky, Stallone & guy on the poster)
DragonBall Z: Super Resurrection F
Both Street Fighter posters Assassins Fist and V as well.
Star Wars: Old Republic (Last one) Large
Ultimate Star Wars - Stormtrooper 2015
Star wars - yarn barn (plenty from white bag to drawers) larger than midsized.
PAN: Peter pan 2015
Man from u.n.c.l.e

Rock The Kasbah (Bill Murray The Clash) with NY Premiere ticket
Black Mass 2015 (new johnny depp) guy facing you & guy on side
Trainwreck 2015
MARVEL: Heroes breakout - Dr doom, doc oc and vulture long scroll poster (animated) (MOVE FROM WHITE BAG TO BIN DRAWER)
Ted 2 (misc bin)
Terminator Genisys (Lady holding robothead) moved to drawer
Terminator Genisys (Skull head)
Terminator Limited IMAX (Hand crush skull)
[Ghost Rider: from white bag to drawers
Igor: John Kusack is.. (need to combine with one in white bag) (few remain)
Jessica Jones (upstairs bin) Marvel based
Last: Malefiscent (from white bag to last)
Last: Resident Evil: Extinction (from white bag to last)
Night on the town: PAPERTOWN 2015
Entourage (in 3rd bin) 2015
Sin City (lady on the poster) 27 x 40 (1st standing bin)
Sin City (Lips on the poster 27 x 40 (1st standing bin)
Batman vs Superman (Batmans head with superman symbol) 27 x 40 Last (upstairs in room)
Justice League: Heroes (Batman & superman on poster) Large (1st standing bin)
Flushed Away 27 x 40 (1st standing bin)
Saw IV 27 x 40 (1st standing bin)
Spiderman: Go for the ultimate (May 2002) 27x40 1st standing bin
Spiderman 3 (black and red spidey: see it in imax) 27 x 40 1st standing bin
Street Fighter V (based game poster) - upstairs bin
Oceans 12 27x40 1st standing bin
Harry Potter order of the phoneix 27 x 40 light mark on bottom
Ratatooee 27x40 (1st standing bin)
Hallween H2O 27x40
Scary Movie 27x40
The Hobbit 27x40 1st standing bin (small fold bottom right and topmid)
Lord of the Rings 27x40 (small light fold bottom right)
Journey to the center of earth 3D 27x40 light mark on top (1st standing bin)
Begin Again 27x40 27x40 1st standing bin
Kon Tiki 27x40
Deadpool (size matters) pretty small


28 days later: quaratine
An Ideal husband
Angels & Demons 3.00
Black snake moan
Blue Crush 4.00
Cloud Atlas $5
Constantine $3
Devil May Cry (hunter novel)
District B 13 - (in white bag will move to last) Nice cardboard feel
Enders Game
Friday the 13th
For the lover of the game
Hard Candy
Hot Fuzz
Mutant Chronicles (in white bag will move to last) Nice cardboard feel
Miami Vice
Nick & Norahs infinite playlist
Last: Renaissance Paris 2054 will move from white bag to last
Slap her shes french $4
Hoax (Richard gere)
Pirate Radio ?
Resident Evil: Extinction
The Host (cardboard feel bottom drawer): tail is grabbing guy to the water
Thor the dark world
Total Recall (newer one) 4.50
Shooter $3
Star Trek 2008
Sucker Punch
Sweeney Todd (Guy with lady( $5
Sweeney Todd (Hes sitting on chair) $5
Sweeney Todd (His face) $5
Walk Hard
Vampire Assistant
Watchmen (guy look like Mr. Freeze)
Watchmen (with purple suit)
We Own the night
Women in the black (light fold on right)
Mad Max 2015 (27 x 40) $7.99 LAST ONE (check location)

Last: Alvin & the chipmunks the squekquel (in white bag 2nd bin)
Last: Ice Age p2: the meltdown (in white bag 2nd bin)
Last: Malefiscent (long scoll poster) in white bag 2nd bin)
Last: Zodiac (last: 2nd bin in white bag 2nd bin)

Drive (tiny folds on right) (Held)
Kill Bill: vol 2 (few wears on edge) $3 (Possibly held, ask)
Day Watch (Held)
Priest in 3D (Held)
The Hills have eyes (animated) (Held)
Behind the mask: Rise of leslie vernon (mark on left side) (Held)
Watchmen: guy wih hat (tiny mark on right) (Held)
Watchman: looks like batman (held)
Cormans world: a hollywood rebel (small fold on left) (Need to find location)

Val Kilmer (Ceremony is about to begin from comic Con quality repro (cardboard feel) (released)
Twilight: Breaking Dawn (earlier) 5.00 (check
Mad Max 2015 (27 x 40) $7.99 LAST ONE (check location)


25th National Academy of Arts NY Emmys (traditional tote bag) zipper top black (4 available) $26.99
58th Emmys (with program and ticket) $35.99
33rd News and Docu Emmy Awards (tote bag) zipper top black $27.99
35th Emmy Awards sport emmys (sport/tote bag) black & blue (2 available) $27.99
(Like the emmys, movies & oscars; these totes have the cool emmy symbol in the front.
Can go on your shoulder and carry stuff too; with a zipper top to close it all up.
now you can own the given collectible )
35th News and Docu Emmy Awards (tote bag) - Same as above but no zipper top (2 available) $27.99

40th International Emmy awards. Nice and shiny double emmy symbol here, $15
first time I've seen it. It looks like an angels flying in both direction. (Midsized black paper bag) (2 available)
1st International Emmy Kids (purple paper bag)

2013-2014 International Emmy Almanac program book (congrats JJ Abrams for 2013 emmy) $15
Night at the museum 2006 World premiere T-shirt $20
Wall-E Press Kit 2 cds and booklet in a DVD style case

self note: sland of Lemurs Madagascar 3D (exclusive map poster) (seperate bin)
self note: planet 51, dragon 2, rio 2 (together)
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Re: Movie Posters Star Wars/Captain America LOT, Batman.. tons

Impressive collection, so a little confused, and maybe this will help others who are curious.

I'm working on my movie room upstairs and am interested in the following:

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Steig)
Evil Dead (I assume this is the new one, I have enough of the older films )
Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
Resident Evil: Extinction (2 listed?)

A few questions:
1. Size? I assume that these are around 24x36?
2. Picture (even if its a quick picture with your phone)? I am married and have a kid so I have to make sure there is no nudity or really scantily clad women, that kinda thing.
3. And the almighty price including shipping? I assume you put these in a tube and send them off.

Thanks !
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Re: Movie Posters Star Wars/Captain America LOT, Batman.. tons

If they are authentic movie posters, they'll be 27"x 40".

That's a big collection, I may be interested in some of these. Yeah, I'm also curious about the shipping, I'm assuming movie tubes that they usually come in.
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Re: Movie Posters Star Wars/Captain America LOT, Batman.. tons

All are from the theaters. Most are here are midsized 12-13 inch (ex 12 x 19), so unless noted they are not 27 x 40.

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