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nespenshade 10-27-14 09:15 PM

Anime Collection for Sale (100+ titles)
I am a new member and I am looking to sell my old anime collection that I have outgrown. At some point when I was younger I thought it was a great idea to store my anime dvds in binders instead of keeping all the cases for them. That being said you are looking at a collection of roughly 100+ titles all housed within a dvd binder. All movies are in good - great condition. I know due to the fact that the cases are missing that I'm not going to be able to demand a high price, so I am hoping to get $225 for the whole collection. The collection is posted on ebay as well under listing number -161464163295. Below you will find the list of titles in the collection.

Ah! Goddess (the movie)
Akira Special Edition
Amazing Nurse Nanako (full series)
Angel Cop
Apocalypse Zero
Appleseed (2004 Movie)
Appleseed Ex Machina
Armitage Polymatrix
Armitage Dual matrix
Battler Athletes Victory (full series)
Battle Arena Toshinden
Black Magic M66
Blue Gender (disc 1)
Blue seed (full series)
Blue Submarine #6 (full series)
Bubblegum Crisis total crash
Castle in the Sky
Cowboy Bebop (the movie)
Cowboy Bebop (disc 1)
Cutey Honey
Darkside Blues
Devil Lady (full series)
Dirty pair flash
Dirty pair girls gone bad
Dirty pair project eden
Dominion tank police
Doomed megetroplis
Eatman 98 (full series)
El hazard the wanderers (full series)
Escaflowne (full series)
Escaflowne (the movie)
Escaflowne (ultimate edition)
Final Fantasy Advent Children
Gantz (season 1)
Gasaraki (disc 1)
Genesis climber mospeada (full series)
Ghost in the shell
Ghost in the shell 2
Ghost in the shell (season 1)
Ghost in the shell stand alone complex
Grave of Fireflies
GTO (disc 1)
Gunsmith Cats
Hyper Doll
Iria (full series)
Jin- Roh
King of Fighters
Lady Death
Lupin Dragon of Doom
Lupin Secret of mamo
Lupin Pursuit of Harimao's treasure
Lupin farewell to nostradamus
Lupin Island of Assassins
Lupin Crisis in Tokyo
Lupin Colombus Files
Lupin Missed by a dollar
Megaman (full series)
Megazone 23 (full series)
Metal Fighter Miku (full series)
Mezzo Forte
Mobile Suit Gundam 8th MS team (one disc)
Mobil Fighter Gundam (full series)
Mobil Suit Gunam Wing (full series)
Nadia the secret of blue water (full series)
Nadesico (the movie)
Neo Tokyo
Neon Genesis Evagelion (full series minus disc 3)
Neon genesis Evangelion End of Eva
Neon genesis Evangelion death and rebirth
Ninja Scroll
Night on the Galactic railroad
Now and then, here and there (disc 1)
perfect blue
pilot candidate (disc 1)
Plastic little
Puppet Princess
Princess Mononoke
Ranma Out of contro, 9full series minus disc 2)
Rahxephon (disc 1)
Requiem from darkness (disc 1)
Record of lodoss war (full series
Record of Lodoss War chronicle of the heroic knight (full series)
Riding Bean
Robotech (11 various discs)
Silent Mobius (full series)
Slayers (movie)
Sorcerer hunters (disc 1 & 2)
Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki (full series)
Tenchi Muyo (movie)
Tenchi Forever
Trigun (full series)
Urda the Third Reich
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Vampire Princess
X (the movie)
You're under arrest (the movie)
Z mind

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