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DVD import from Japan and China + lot of Euro movies for sale/trade

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DVD import from Japan and China + lot of Euro movies for sale/trade

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DVD import from Japan and China + lot of Euro movies for sale/trade

Hi, I am in Finland right now and I can find some nice old finnish title such as "Noita palaa elamaan", "Valkoinen peura", "Ruusujen aika" on DVD,,,

I can also find a lot of chinese & japanese DVDs (horror, action, sci-fi, martial arts, erotic, dramas, comedy..) original from Asia as well as a lot of euro and american movies on various labels.

As for finnish titles, you can check my blog where you can see images, pictures, descriptions and more at my blogspot called "jnfernalworld"

While here's just a (very short) extract of what I can find (prices are in euro)

-almost every Another World DVD release for various prices (up from 9 euros)
-Jean Rollin's boxset on Encore (La morte vivante, Levres de sang) 35
-L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo/Bird with crystal plumage (Culture Publisher, Japan) 16
-Sette volte sette/Seven times seven (Happynet, Japan) 15
-Premutos (18)
-Hell's ground (pakistani Horror) 12
-Lisa and the devil (EMS, Germany) 13
-Sein Wechseln ist Blei (Koch)
-Morder der Klan (Koch)
-Johnny West (Trinity)
-Have a nice funeral (Geneon)
-Zum Abscheid noch ein Totenmord (Marketing)
-Sartana kommt (X Rated)
-Der Galgen wartet schon, amigo (X Rated)
-Sartana (X Rated)
-Ein Loch der Stirn (X Rated)
-Spiel dein Spiel und tote, Joe (X Rated)
-Ein Colt fur 100 Sarge (X Rated)
-Sartana, schwarzer Racher des Todes (X Rated)

as well as other X-Rated, MYA, Blue Underground and tons more from 10 euros up

I can also find a lot of Jess Franco movies, from the old to the newest ones: spanish, french, german, american, english editions....please send your want lists

Shaw Brothers/IVL (Region 3) all 15 each:

-Angel with iron fist
-Anonymous heroes
-Battle wizard (20 euro)
-Big brother Cheng
-Black magic
-Brothers from walled city
-Bruce Lee and I
-Cause to kill
-Challenge of gamesters
-Chinatown kid
-Come drink with me
-Crazy shaolin disciples
-Death valley
-Demon of the lute
-Duel of fists
-Finger of doom
-Heroes two
-Hex vs hex (20 euros)
-Hex vs witchcraft (20 euros)
-Interpol 009
-Journey of the doomed
-Killer clans
-Killer snakes
-King boxer
-Mad monkey kung fu
-Monkey goes west
-Na Cha the great
-New game of death
-New shaolin boxers
-Raw courage
-Summons to death
-The big holdup
-The black falcon
-The boxer from Shantung
-The cave of silken web
-The deadly duo
-The enchanting shadow (20 euros)
-The enchantress (20 euros)
-The five venom
-The flying guillotine
-The golden Buddha
-The golden sword
-The kid with golden arm
-The lizard
-The mad monk
-The magic blade
-The roving sowrdsman
-The sex killer
-The shadow boxing
-The shadow whip
-The super Inframan
-The thundering sword
-The wandering swordsman
-The winged tiger (20 euros)
-Tigress of Kwantung
-Tigress of Shaolin
-Trail of the broken blade
-Web of death

A lot (let's say 50-60) of DVD on Fortune Star (Hong Kong) for 11 euros (write for want list)

VARIOUS ASIA (CHINA, HONG KONG, JAPAN, KOREA...) this list is just a mere 40% of what I can find

-Ling Fung das glorreiche Schwert (Eyecatcher/New)
-Der grosse Wall (New)
-Shaolin Kung Fu Master Box Set (Shaw Brothers IVL)
-The spiritual boxer (Momentum Asia)
-3 seconds before explosion (Kino)
-Samurai Trilogy Box Set (Criterion)
-Village of eight gravestones (Shochiku)
-Sure death (Panorama Entertainment)
-Shogun assassin (Animego)
-Lone Wolf cub Vol. 1-6 (Tokyo Shock)
-Babycart in peril (Artsmagic)
-Babycart at the river Styx (Artsmagic)
-Brave Archer Box Set (Shaw Brothers/United Thailand)
-Killing machine (Sonny Chiba 1975) (Adness Video) 15
-Killing machine (Sonny Chiba 1975) (Optimum Asia) 14
-many other Sonny Chiba DVDs...
-The magnificent butcher (Fortune Star) 12
-Tattooed life (American Cinemateque)
-Zombie ass: toilet of the dead
-Magic of spell (Fortune Star) 12
-Magic story (Fortune Star VCD) 12
-Stoner (Fortune Star VCD) 12
-Miracle fighters (Fortune Star VCD) 12
-The seventh curse (Fortune Star VCD) 12
-The butterfly murders (Mei Ah Entertainment) 18
-Centipede horror (High Moon) 25
-Vampire buster (Media Asia) 14
-The dead and the deadly (Fortune Star) 15
-Ebola syndrome 22
-Brother of darkness (Universe Laser) 15
-Saviour of the soul (Universe Laser) 15
-The executioners (Universe Laser) 15
-Lady Whirlwind (Fortune Star) 15
-Sakuya the slayer of demons (15)
-Guts of a virgin 3
-Wet & rope
-Devil doctor woman
-Angel guts Box Set (Artsmagic Box 5 DVD)
-Bio zombie
-Dr. Lamb (14)
-Guts of a beauty/Entrails of a beautiful woman (18)
-Japanese hell (18)
-Gun Kyu war pigeon (17)
-Red room 1 (16)
-Red room 2 (16)
-Birth of the wizard (15)
-Misa the dark angel (14)
-Crime of a beast (15)
-The black house (16)
-Possessed + Possessed 2 Box Set (Mei Ah Entertainment) 30
-Mermaid in a manhole + Android of Notre Dame (22)
-Insanity (Yuki Video) 20
-Gong Tau an oriental black magic (15)
-Unholy women (15)
-Curse death & spirit (16)
-Sleepwalker (16)
-All night long 2 aka Atrocity (16)
-Living hell (18)
-Portrait of hell (16)
-The ravaged house (16)
-Reincarnation (16)
-Female prison Sigma (17)
-Illusion of blood (18)
-Vital (16)
-Curse of the deserted (15)
-Run and kill (18)
-Entrails of a beautiful woman (Synapse) (18)
-Shock labirynth 3D (18)
-I saw the devil (20)
-X Game (17)
-Sick nurses (20)
-Suicide club (22)
-Survive girls (25)
-Art of the devil 2 (25)
-Tokyo zombie (Manga Video) 16
-Escape from vampire island (Manga Video) (16)
-Guts of a beauty (18)
-Parasite Eve (22)

-Bio zombie
-Flowerand snake 3
-Rusted body 3/Guts of a virgin 3
-Devil doctor woman
-The sword (with Adam Cheng)
-Nude fear
-Troublesome night 4
-The smart cavaller
-Homicidal maniac
-Vampire controller
-Female yakuza tale
-Ab-normal beauty
-Extreme crisis
-Coolie killer
-Rape trap

these titles above are not priced yet. I think around 15 euros each.


-Vampire ecstasy + Girl meet girl + Butterflies Box Set (Joe Sarno) (50)
-Schoolgirl Report 3,4,8,9 (Impulse)
-Maid in Sweden
-Erotic daughters of Emanuelle
-My body burns (Jean Marie Pallardy)
-Nea young Emanuelle (Asterix) 16
-Secret of the satin blues (Asterix) 15
-Laura's toys (Joe Sarno) (Retro Seduction) (18)
-Justine & Juliette (Impulse) (15)
-Anita (Impulse) 20
-Awakening of Anne + Unsatisfied (Asterix) 16
-The chick's ability (brazilian movie) (20)
-Daddy, darling (Joe Sarno) (Retro Seduction) (17)
-Black Aphrodite (con Ajita Wilson) (New Star, Greece) (30)
-Emanuelle goes to Cannes (Halo Video) (20)
-Naked and lustful (Pallardy) (Halo Park)
-A very special woman (Halo Park)
-Agent 69 Jensen - In the sign of scorpio (Smirk)
-Agent 69 Jensen - In the sign of the gemini (Smirk)
-A woman possessed (Asterix)
-Secrets of the saint blues (Asterix)
-Schoolgirl report 2,4,5 (Hofbauer) (Impulse)
-Truck stop (Pallardy) (Le Chat Qui Fume)
-Tanya's island (Substance)
-Suburban secrets (Joe Sarno) (Seduction Cinema 2 DVD edition)
-Nagon att alska (Klubb Super 8 )
-tons of DVD on Alpha Blue

MONDO MACABRO (20 euro each):

-Silip, daughters of Eve
-The watcher in the attic
-Marquis De Sade's prosperities of vice
-Naked rashomon
-Female prisoner: caged!
-For your height only + Challenge of the tiger

more titles (including old vhs and finnish-italian-asian DVDs) can be found in my blog: jnfernalworld (dot) blogspot (dot) com

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