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drjay 10-13-12 09:36 PM

FS: Several still-in-shrink Criterion DVDs
Long time since I've posted here, but I'm still on the good traders list and have a few things to sell!

I've got some Criterion DVD doubles (not sure how I was dumb enough to pull that off) that I'm looking to get out of my office.
  • Amarcord (newer style cardboard case, still in shrank wrap) $20
  • Le Cercle Rouge (shrink wrapped) $20
  • 8 1/2 (used, one of the spindles that holds the disc is broken) $15
  • Quai Des Orfevres (OOP, still in shrink wrap) $30
  • The Rules of the Game (shrink wrapped) $20

Shipping would be $4 for a single or $6 if you take more than one.

Anyone who wants multiples, make me an offer! I've also got a copy of Ninja Blade for Xbox 360 that I'll throw in for free if anyone wants it.

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