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depechemodeone 05-10-12 01:42 PM

FT:Computer stuff for Blu-Ray and DVDs
Looking for (also looking to buy):
Blu-Ray (TV, cult, action, adventure, horror, scifi, fantasy, etc)
sample items wanted include:
<strike>Captain America (Blu-Ray)</strike>
<strike>Thor (Blu-Ray)</strike>
Iron Man (Blu-Ray)
Casablanca (Blu-Ray) box
Batman / Batman Returns (Blu-Ray)
Willy Wonka (Blu-Ray - Gene Wilder) box
Wizard of Oz (Blu-Ray) box - doesn't have to be the deluxe box
HG Lewis Blu-Ray Discs
Looney Tunes Collection (Blu-Ray)
lots more wants.

DVD (cult,horror, TV sets)
items such as:
Masters of Horror Season 1
Batman the animated series
Tales from the Darkside
lots more wants.

P4 630 3.0Ghz
SL9Z9 China
3.00ghz / 2M / 800 / 04A

2X E8300 Core2Duo
2.83Ghz / 6M / 1333/ 06

2x ATI V3800 Firepro video cards (both with cable for dual display)

Laptop memory
1 x 1GB Kingston KFJ-FPC101 DDR 333
1 x 512MB Micron DDR 333
1 x 512MB PC2-5300 Elpida

3 x 160GB WD1600SB (WD Caviar RE) PATA Drives

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