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spartanstew 01-07-12 09:23 PM

F/S: Lots of Sealed Blu Rays
Beef up your Blu Ray collection with any of these titles. All titles are brand new/sealed. Titles in BOLD, have slipcovers.

Shipping is free for orders over $25, otherwise add $2.

For each grouping of 5 titles sold, save an additional $5 (save $10 when you buy 10, etc.).

Buy all 36 titles for $255 shipped.

Reply or PM with any questions

A Christmas Story 10
The Sixth Sense 10
Stargate (15th Anniversary) 10
Surrogates 12
Pearl Harbor 12
The Patriot 10
Batman Begins 8
Black Hawk Down 8
Assassination of Jesse James 8
Armageddon 12
Fifth Element 10
Forrest Gump 12
Polar Express 12
Signs 8
Public Enemies 10
Men in Black 8
Last Samurai 8
U-571 8
T2 - Skynet Edition 6
Terminator 6
Terminator 3 6
The Mummy 6
Mummy Returns 6
Mr & Mrs Smith 8
Kingdom of Heaven 8
Journey to center of 8
Independence Day 8
I am legend 6
Hellboy 10
Gone in 60 seconds 8
Golden Compass 8
Gattaca 8
The Departed 8
Davinci Code 8
Crash 6
Coraline (w/ 3D version) 10

PS. I'm a former Gold Trader, but haven't done any transactions in a few years and it looks like I dropped off of the list. I also have 100% positive feedback on Ebay.

spartanstew 01-12-12 03:01 PM

Re: F/S: Lots of Sealed Blu Rays

Received your PM, but could not reply as your PM's are full.

At this time, I'm only looking to sell, but thanks for the trade offer.

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