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squidget 07-10-11 05:12 PM

HK discs, BD's and Korean Special Editions
Shipping starts at $2.00 for one disc, each additional disc add $1.00. Max shipping costs $5 (IE, buy six discs only pay $5 to ship). Payment by PP only. I'm on the GTL

HK - all discs region 0 unless noted
The New Legend of Shaolin, Jet Li $2
Black Mask, uncut Taiwan release SOLD
Once Upon a Time in China and America $2
Born to be King, Young & Dangerous series spinoff $2
Those were the days, Young & Dangerous series spinoff $2
Wasabi, French I believe $2

Korea but HK disc releases,
Indian Summer, R0 $2
72 Seoul, R3 $2
The Last Witness, R3 $2

The Scorpion King $4
Snake in Eagle's Shadow $4
Beast Cops $4
Dragon From Russia $4
My Lucky Stars SOLD
The Avenging Fist $2

Some random Blu's
Natural Born Killers - Hardbook style - $6
POTC: At World's End, 2 disc - SOLD
The Replacement Killers - $3
POTC: Dead Man's Chest, new & sealed, 2 disc - SOLD
Twister, new & sealed - SOLD
L.A. Confidential, new & sealed - SOLD
Interview with a vampire - SOLD

Korean special edition sets
The Host Limited Edition Gift Set (Acrylic case), R3 #8401 $60
The acrylic has some surface scuffs. It came that way unfortunately. (same issue with Internal Affairs set)

Princess Aurora (Orora gongju) Limited Edition, R3 - $35

Marathon Limited Edition w/soundtrack, R3 - $30

No Mercy for the Rude Limited Edition w/ soundtrack, R3 - $35

Kung Fu Hustle Limited Edition, R3, #878 of 6000 -$60

Bin Jip (3-Iron), 2 disc Korean special edition, R3 - SOLD

James Bond - Limited Edition Attache Case Ultimate Editions Box Set (40 Disc set) $125 Shipped in the lower 48

Back to the Future Trilogy, Australia Special Edition Tin, R4 - $30

A Better Tomorrow Limited Edition Trilogy, Korea, R3 - $75

Equilibrium Korean Special Edition, R3 - $20
slight bending present on the cardboard spine

My Tutor Friend Fried Chicken Edition LE box, R3 - $60
Boxset, keepcase w/ 2 DVDs, OST, booklet, 4 posters, magnetics, stickers #4433 of 5000

Jiang Hu 2 disc DVD Special Edition set #8422, R3 (might be R0 as well) - $30
Uncut Limited edition w/photo book and folded poster.
The outer hard cardboard box has some scuffs in the black. I tried to get a picture - it does not photo well.

squidget 07-26-11 08:32 PM

Re: HK discs, BD's and Korean Special Editions
OP Updated.

squidget 08-12-11 01:52 PM

Re: HK discs, BD's and Korean Special Editions

visitor Q 08-20-11 10:11 PM

Re: HK discs, BD's and Korean Special Editions
Hey Squidget ..as a fellow Korean LE/SE collector (just check "my stack") I wish you the best of luck parting with these things. When the Korean market was in full bore these releases were some of the best, if not thee, of the world. Only Japanese releases could be considered equal or better. Though side by side, these countries annihilated any other country in terms of the consistency of either packaging, extra features (English friendly wasn't always a bonus towards Korea or Japan, unfortunately) or technical quality regarding soundtrack, visually or edit (Japanese color "House of Blue Leaves" edit of Kill Bill or the Korean release of Moment to Remember which included the International and Korean "director" edits). And the list goes on ......

In any case, I may be interested in your A Better Tomorrow and Princess Aurora LE releases ....so, in other words, depending on your lowest price for the two shipped considering a mutual aficionado of Korean and Japanese films/releases ...I'm still interested Please feel free to PM me. Thanks.


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