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sakst42 05-24-10 08:35 AM

OOP Criterions +

Hi There,
I get into this "obsessive collector" mindset at times (its the hunt) and have ended up picking up a ton of movies over the years that I've never even opened. Here's a partial list of what I have - hopefully my asking price is reasonable, feel free to PM me for more info. Rating the opened ones conservatively. I don't mishandle my DVDs and don't lend them either

- Criterion: Wrong Men, Notorious Women (Hitchcock) - OOP; G to VG [$190]
- Criterion: This is Spinal Tap (Reiner) - OOP; SS [$125]
- Criterion: The Killer (John Woo) - OOP; No Insert / Not the White ring edition; G [$30]
- Criterion: 4 Samurai Classics - Seven Samurai; Hidden Fortress; Sanjuro; Yojimbo (Kurosawa) - OOP? SS [$125]
- Criterion: Strawdogs(Pekinkpah) - SS [$30]
- Criterion: Ran(Kurosawa) - SS[$30]
- Oz - the complete series (6 Discs) - Standard Def; Season 1 / 2 opened - VG++; Remaining Series SS [$120]
- Criterion: Band of Outsiders(Godard) - G to VG [$10] [SOLD]
- Criterion: Kagemusha(Kurosawa) - SS[$25] [SOLD]
- Criterion: Short Cuts(Altman) - SS[$25] [SOLD]
- Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition (Eastwood) - Standard Def; VG [$40] [SOLD]

Let me know,


Borrowed some of these terms from another poster

- Shipping is included
- No international shipping (sorry no Canada either
- Methods of payment: PayPal or Money Order
- I will ship through PayPal to confirmed addresses only
- I will be shipping items once a week
- Please send a PM with your purchase request or inquiries

Undeadcow 05-25-10 12:21 AM

Re: OOP Criterions +
Thanks again for Band of Outsiders; good deal, reliable seller.

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