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Mao 02-07-00 09:47 PM

Here are all the posts from the GTL XVI.

[This message has been edited by Mao (edited February 15, 2000).]

Tony 02-07-00 11:01 PM

Please add Jason Goertz (Vapor)
to the GTL.



bluerider 02-07-00 11:15 PM

Please add James Simpson (jasjr) to the Good Trader List!


ptwnluv 02-08-00 12:06 AM

please add plus 2 to floortex, we have completed 2 very sucseffull trades, he is a great person to deal with

chartreuse 02-08-00 03:07 AM


A point for Zanne, please. Thanks.

Steve Lynch 02-08-00 06:53 AM


Please add Frank Mastrandrea (Frank_M) +1

das Monkey 02-08-00 07:03 AM


Please add one for Chris Besnski, Sepen (Sam Fertitta), and Wesley Chiu. Thank you.


Jonesy 02-08-00 07:24 AM

Give Scot Lund (Wolfchild) another Gold sparkle for a successful trade. thanks
Keep smiling, keep trading.


Wolfchild 02-08-00 07:24 AM

Please add another + for Michael Jones (Jonesy). Great trade, shipped fast and packed nicely.

Big Quasimodo 02-08-00 07:33 AM

Just completed a successful trade with Mooncalf . First time trader sent his DVD first as a courtesy. Arrived quickly.

Glenn's DVD List

hanami 02-08-00 09:16 AM

Please add +1 to das Monkey. Great trader.

crazymatthew 02-08-00 09:58 AM

Add DasMonkey to the list... great trade!

pmoore 02-08-00 03:22 PM

Please add another + to Robyn Young. Just completed a great trade with her.

Nick Charles 02-08-00 06:01 PM

add a + for Derek Fernandes (zaskar), just completed a good trade

RDGAFFORD 02-08-00 06:08 PM

Please add David Rea
[reds1] to the good trader list.


EBChamorro 02-08-00 06:22 PM

Please add another point for Wes Farrell (Nosebleed). I completed a good trade with him on an out of print DVD.

heyeron 02-08-00 08:16 PM

please add a plus for John Crossen (bearfan) for a great trade.
while you are at it, add one for Michael DeHaven (smog), also for a great trade.Thanks.

Kwad Guy 02-08-00 08:31 PM

Please add a great big A++++++ for
L. Gowran, who is a terrific trader. I
just completed a deal with him...If
only all traders were this great!


zaskar 02-08-00 08:46 PM


Could you please correct my name on the list it is Derek Fernandes (zaskar) not Fernandez with a Z.


BearFan 02-08-00 08:49 PM

Please add Eron Norris(heyeron) for a quick trade and the most secure packaging of a DVD I have even seen in my life.

Neitzl 02-08-00 08:59 PM

Please add another groovy + to
Jesse Byers (jesseb)
w00p, finally got thin red line.

itchy 02-08-00 09:26 PM

Please add +1 to
Edwin Samuelson (ESamuel)
Aryn Leroux (Piazza)
for great trades.

IamLegend 02-08-00 09:41 PM

Just in case..Put up 1 good trade
for Kal Wallner /Kally
dont think you posted him up for trade.

Piazza 02-08-00 10:09 PM

Please Add a good trade +1 for
David Rundell



L. Gowron 02-08-00 10:54 PM

Gr8 dealing w/ Kwad Guy (David Ari)! Fast and quick response.

---Peter Lai (L. Gowron)

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