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thelwig14 12-01-09 12:19 AM

Departed Steelbook and 60 other dvd's for sale...MANY NEW RELEASES!

I have The Departed 2 Disc Steelbook for sale for $10 shipped. It is mint and complete. I also have the following 60 or so dvd's for sale. All are mint, complete, and widescreen and unrated where applicable. Prices are 3 for $13 shipped. Any questions, offers, comments, etc...please pm me. Thanks!

3:10 to Yuma
300 (2 Disk Special Edition with Slipcover)
40 Year Old Virgin
Batman Begins (2 Disk Deluxe Version with Lenticular Cover and Comic Book)
Blade II
Blade Trinity
Blades of Glory
Casino Royale (Daniel Craig 2 Disk version with Slipcover)
Cliffhanger (Collector's Series)
Departed (rare 2 Disk Steelbook) $10
Die Hard 4 Live Free or Die Hard
Die Hard Collection (5 Star Collection, 6 disks total, first 3 movies)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Gangs of New York
Gladiator (2 Disk DTS version)
Goodfellas (2 Disk Special Edition)
Groundhog Day
History of Violence
I, Robot
Knocked Up
Last House on the Left (new version)
Last Samurai
Lucky # Slevin
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible 3
No Country for Old Men
Old School
Pineapple Express
Rambo (newest one, 2 Disk Special Edition with Slipcover)
Rambo II
Rambo III
Rocky Balboa
Role Models
Running Scared (Paul Walker version)
Shoot 'Em Up (with Slipcover)
Sin City (with Marv Slipcover)
Terminator 3
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
There Will Be Blood
Troy (2 Disk Edition)
Under Siege
Under Siege 2
Walking Tall
Wedding Crashers
Wedding Singer
Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2 Disk Special Edition with Slipcover)

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