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indiansbsa 08-01-09 05:19 PM

Post Bar-Exam Blu Ray Trade Thread!
Just finished up the Florida Bar Exam! Time to make some great blu ray trades!

I am a Gold Trader on the GTL and look forward to making a great trade with you. Its been a while (Bar exam studying is the worst) but I am delighted to be back.

For Trade:

Blu Rays
For Your Eyes Only Blu Steelbook OOP
Halloween (1978)
Interview with the Vampire
Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway
Superman: The Movie
Thunderball Blu Steelbook OOP
Wall-E 3 Disc Blu Ray
X-Files Pack: Fight the Future and I Want to Believe

The Mysterious Cities of Gold: The Complete Series (6 Disc Set)

Adventureland Blu
Battlestar Galactica Blu Complete Series Blu
Braveheart Blu
Ghostbusters Blu
Groundhog Day Blu
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Blu
Shaun of the Dead Blu
Star Trek Blu (Interested in New film and Original Series S1)
Ultimate Matrix Collection Blu

Inam 09-02-09 10:49 PM

Re: Post Bar-Exam Blu Ray Trade Thread!

Originally Posted by indiansbsa (Post 9614222)
Its been a while (Bar exam studying is the worst) but I am delighted to be back.

Oh please, the California Bar makes the Florida Bar look like an English quiz in HS.
Studying for that this summer was the worst. :|

Nonetheless, good luck fellow trader :)

indiansbsa 09-03-09 12:26 PM

Re: Post Bar-Exam Blu Ray Trade Thread!
California is just lovely. This past February, somewhere around 30% of all takers passed from what I read.

Of course, the other 70% were totally incompetent to practice law ;) I think the next lowest state, percent wise, was probably like 40% higher with the pass rate.

As for Florida, I thought studying for it was a nightmare. Writing out like 30 essays in full in practice plus thousands of multiple choice. Making outlines for each and every subject. No life. Awful.

Assuredly, taking CA is more difficult- but I bet the devil lies in the grading on that one rather than the quantity of material to be responsible for, unlike FL which has multiple state specific courses and requires you to know distinctions for each and every multistate course, and frequently tests them for big points.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled trading, I hope ;)

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