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Dr. Phibes 07-29-09 03:21 PM

Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
I've gone through and added several titles. I've also added prices to some titles, but if I will try and add more prices when I have time.

Here's my current trade list:

Joe 90 - Complete Series
Vampires in Havana

Big Lots
Capote/In Cold Blood
Def Jam Comedy - 2-disc set
The Dentist
Empire Falls
Everything Put Together
God, The Devil and Bob
Pinky and the Brain Vol. 1
Private Parts
Tabitha - The Entire Series
What To Do In Case of Fire
Yu Yu Hakusho - First Battles - 2-disc Special Uncut Edition

The Big Bus - Out of Print
High Fidelity
Hot Moves - Code Red - $10
Operation Midnight Climax - $8
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

12 Monkeys
Big Girls Don't Cry - 2003
BMW Films - The Hire
Falcon & The Snowman
Heavenly Creatures
Lost Highway
Mean Streets
Natural Born Killers - Director's Cut
Ninja Wars - Adness Sonny Chiba Collection
Once A Thief - Columbia release
One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest 2-disc
Serpico/Narc/Internal Affairs
Targets - Karloff, Out of print

Baba Yaga
Black Cadillac
Blood of the Virgins - Mondo Macabro
Blood Shack - Ray Dennis Steckler, Features Joe Bob Briggs Commentary - $5
Body Fever - Ray Dennis Steckler - $5
The Church - Anchor Bay
The Convent
The Dark Power
Devil Dog
Exorcist Master
Fear No Evil - Anchor Bay
From Hell - 2-disc
Haunted Office - Deltamac Release
The Hollywood Strangler Meets The Skid Row Slasher - Ray Dennis Steckler, Features Joe Bob Briggs COmmentary - $5
The Las Vegas Serial Killer - Ray Dennis Steckler - $5
Let The Right One In - Dumbed Down Subtitle version
Madhouse - Dark Sky
Nightwatch - Anchor Bay
Short Films of David Lynch - 2006 Absurda
Terror and Black Lace - Released under Desert Mountain's Latin Cinema Classics line, has title as Terror y Encajes Negros on spine.
Sublime - Unrated
To The Devil...A Daughter
Tomie Replay
Toolbox Murders - Blue Underground
Two Evil Eyes - Blue Underground
When a Stranger Calls Back
Whip and the Body
Whisper in the Dark - No Shame

Lamb of God: Killadelphia
Opeth - Lamentations
The Wild Weekend

Something Weird
Beast That Killed Women, The/Monster at Camp Sunshine, The
Damaged Goods/The Hard Road
Fiend of Dope Island/Pagan Island
Forbidden Adventure/Forbidden Women
Girl in Trouble/A Good Time With a Bad Girl/Bad Girls Do Cry
Gore Gore Girls
Nude On The Moon
A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine/Sweet Sickness/Brick Dollhouse
The Ramrodder

At Last...The 1948 Show 2-Disc
Friends - Season 7
Newsradio - Seasons 1+2 - $15
The Office UK: First Series
Shameless: Series 1-5 - 15 Discs
Travel Channel - Paranormal Destinations - $8

Here are some of my higher wants:
The Blood Rose
Bollywood Horror vol. 2 and 3
Chanbara Beauty: The Movie
Drak Pack - Hanna Barbera DVD, only available in Canada for some reason
Eastbound & Down - The Complete 1st Season (2009)
Eerie, Indiana
Friday the 13th Part 3 (Edited) - Deluxe Edition (Lenticular Cover) (1982)
Hong Kong Phooey - Complete Series
Josie and the Pussycats - Complete Series
Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009) -- REGION 2
The Monster Squad - Complete Series
My Best Friend Is a Vampire - The Lost Collection (1988)
My Bloody Valentine - New one and Uncut original
Mystery Science Theater Vol. 4
Mystery Science Theater Vol. 7
Parker Lewis Can't Lose - The Complete 1st Season (1990-1991)
Pieces (Uncut) - 2 Disc Deluxe Edition (1982)
Slaughter High - The Lost Collection (Full Screen) (1986)

These are just a few of my many wants. I can't think of anything else at the moment, but make some offers.

SethDLH 07-29-09 05:41 PM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
any interest in Drive-In Cult Classics vol. 1 or Hellfest 2003 (2 disc set)?

Logic 7 07-29-09 08:21 PM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Im interested in
Heavenly Creatures
Capote/In Cold Blood

I have these

Chain Reaction

Cutthroat Island

Silence of the Lambs

Broken Arrow

Beyond Jurassic Park Special features disc with factory artwork & case

Transporter 2 w/ slip cover

Spiderman Superbit

Spiderman 2 Superbit w/ slip

The World Is Not Enough (original)

Die Another Day 2 disc w/ slip cover

Happy Texas

Hot Dog; The Movie



The Replacement Killers SE

T2 Extreme Edition metal cover, inside art and plastic are missing

Mission Impossible 2

Dr. Phibes 07-31-09 08:06 PM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Seth - Sorry, I've got Drive-In Cult Classics, and don't need Hellfest. Do you have anything else to trade?

Logic7 - Hey, didn't see anything I need. Let me know if you add anything else though.

Logic 7 08-01-09 01:37 AM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Some how these got left off when I copied and pasted
Hart's War
Air Force One Superbit
The Greatest Story Ever Told
A Few Good Men

Dr. Phibes 08-04-09 11:56 AM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Thanks, but I don't need any of those titles at the moment.

Dr. Phibes 08-16-09 05:24 AM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Up top!

Dr. Phibes 09-01-09 12:26 AM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV

Dr. Phibes 09-18-09 12:02 PM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Added several titles, plus prices on a few items. I'm open to haggling. I'll be adding more later.

Dr. Phibes 10-04-09 12:15 AM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV

mwelty 10-07-09 01:27 PM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Would you consider My Bloody Valentine Original Uncut for Castle of Blood?


Dr. Phibes 10-07-09 05:28 PM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Sorry, Castle of Blood is gone. Do you see anything else on my list you'd be interested in?

mwelty 10-08-09 09:24 AM

Re: Updated Trade List - Horror, OOP, SWV
Sorry, thanks anyway.

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