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Apocrypha 06-19-09 10:17 AM

Apoc's redux trading list Blu and beyond
I have returned from the ether to trade again on good ol DVDTALK. Everything unless noted is perfect watched 1 or 2x.
I would like to trade Blus for Blus but I will go 4 or 5 SD for my wants.
Shipping with DC is included in prices for for sale items. I am still paying off some med bills for my daughter so anything is helping right now. Also I will throw in some promo dvds for free with every trade. Gold trader. Paypal accepted

Haves FT/ some F/S

Blu Ray
Harry Potter:OOTP 12 GONE
Punisher -Travolta 10
Bruce Springsteen Live Dublin 11
Hollow Man 13
Training Day 12
Phantom of the Opera (sealed)15
Reds 13 GONE-
Breaker Morant (sealed) 13

Standard Def DVDs 3 for 15* other than the 2 disc and sets -2 minimimum purchase
Scanner Darkly*
Inferno AB single disc*
Feast (sealed)*
FFIIV 2 disc Sleeve 8
The Birds*
Zodiac WS single (rental) 4*
Friday the 13th 3 original release*
Lone Wolf and Cub Sword of Vengeance 11
Repo Man 6
Apocalypse Now Redux*
For Your Eyes Only*
Mutilation Man*
300 2disc sealed sleeved w/Leonidas and Queen Gorgo Figures 20
Beavis and Butthead Vol. 1 MJ collection 13
Frankenstein *
Bride of Frankenstein*
King Kong 2 disc 1933 *
King Kong 2 Disc P.Jackson w/ sealed pack of trading cards
Blade Runner Dir Cut* non snapper
Gojira 2 disc (sealed) 9
Dawn of the Dead 4 Disc 19
sideways FS 4
Futurama Monster Robot Fun Collection*
Serenity UMD
Cowboy BeBop UMD sealed
When a stranger calls UMD*5
The Fog UMD *5


Afro Samurai Resurrection
The Thing
Black Crowes Warpaint Live
Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder
Nightmare Before Xmas
Into the Wild
Stendhal Syndrome
Final Countdown
Hostel 2

SD wants
Dario Argento Door Into Darkness Tv series
Fright Night II
Condorman (will trade ALOT)
Nightwatch original AB
FT13th Series 1
Tick Season 2
Metalocaplypse Season 2
Dead Snow
The Dark Backward
A Boy and His Dog
The Onion Movie
Crash Cronenberg
Coffee + Cigarettes
Saturday the 14th (will trade ALOT)
Lon Chaney Collection
Leonard Cohen Live in Paris

Thanks for looking I missed this place check back for updates and for price info [email protected]

Apocrypha 06-22-09 01:27 PM

Re: Apoc's redux trading list Blu and beyond
price changes hold on Reds and a pre oblivion bump

Apocrypha 06-26-09 10:00 AM

Re: Apoc's redux trading list Blu and beyond
Reds sold ^

inri222 06-27-09 01:33 AM

Re: Apoc's redux trading list Blu and beyond

Apocrypha 07-06-09 09:57 AM

Re: Apoc's redux trading list Blu and beyond

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