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SaturnT 01-24-09 01:15 PM

Have many imports and boxsets, Looking for HD Imports
All releases are in great condition and widescreen when available.


Die Hard 6-Disc Collection (Region 2 Japan)
Kill Bill Volume 1 (Japanese Limited Edition Boxset)
Kill Bill Volume 2 (Japanese Limited Edition Boxset)
Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection (Sealed)
Spiderman 2 Deluxe Giftset
Being John Malkovich (Japanese Collector's Edition)
The Best of Youth Volumes 1 and 2 (Region 2)
Twin Peaks Season 1 (Region 2)
WWE: Complete Wrestlemania Anthology (22 Discs)
Complete Matrix 10-Disc Set (Limited Edition with Neo bust)

Region 1:
1408: 2-Disc Director's Cut (Sealed)
24 Hour Party People
American Pie: 2-Disc Ultimate Edition
Bad Education (Sealed)
Charlie Bartlett
Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Unrated
Garden State
Ironman: 2-Disc Steelbook
Little Miss Sunshine
The Mummy: 2-Disc Deluxe Edition
Pineapple Express: Unrated (Sealed)
The Punisher: Director's Cut
Reservoir Dogs: 15th Anniversary Tin
Saw 1-5 (all sealed except the first)
Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4: Unrated (Sealed)
Snakes on a Plane with bonus disc (Sealed)
Spiderman 3 with soundtrack
The Transporter with Lenticular Slipcover
The Transporter 2
X-Men: The Last Stand

Children of Men (PAL 2)
Code Unknown (PAL 2)(Sealed)
Danny the Dog (PAL 2)
The Descent: 2-Disc Special Edition (PAL 2)
Don't Look Now (PAL 2)
Edward Scissorhands (Japan 2)
Friday the 13th: Uncut Version (PAL 2)
Game of Death: 2-Disc Special Edition (PAL 2)
Harry Potter 1-3: 2-Disc Sets (Japan 2)
Hollowman (Japan 2)
King Arthur (Japan 2)
Kontroll (Region 0)
Love Actually (Japan 2)
The Machinist (PAL 2)
Monster's Inc.: 2-Disc Special Edition (Japan 2)
Pirate's of the Carribean: 2-Disc Special Edition (Japan 2)
Scream (Japan 2)
Shrooms (Region 5)
Sin City (Japan 2)
Spiderman: 2-Disc Set with Rare Woolworth's Exclusive Cover (PAL 2)
Sunshine (Korea 3)
Thank You For Smoking (Japan 2)
Trainspotting: 2-Disc Definitive Edition (PAL 2)
Tron (Japan 2)
X-Men (Japan 2)
X-Men 2 (Japan 2)

Black Snake Moan
Blades of Glory (Sealed)
Bourne Triliogy
The Heartbreak Kid (Sealed)
Hot Rod (Sealed)
The Italian Job (Sealed)
Knocked Up
Miami Vice
Ocean's Thirteen
Old School: Unrated (Sealed)
Payback: Straight Up (Sealed)
Sleepy Hollow (Sealed)
Top Gun (Sealed)


Harry Potter 1-4
Resident Evil Trilogy
Death Proof
Superman Films
Saw 1 and 3
Silent Hill
Other imports and domestic releases I dont have

Tropic Thunder: 2-Disc Director's Cut
Hellboy: 3-Disc Set
Hellboy II: 3-Disc Set
X-Files: I Want to Believe: 3-Disc Set
Ghost Whisperer Seasons
X-Files Seasons
The O.C. Complete Set
Big Lebowski (Bowling Ball Set)
Halloween Collection
Horror Flicks

I'll be happy to check lists also! Thanks!

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